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October 4, 2012

Oliver Wilson


OLIVER WILSON:  No bogeys, played really solid, made a 20‑footer on the last hole which is nice, so nice to get away with not dropping any.

Q.  Highlights of the birdies?
OLIVER WILSON:  Yeah, I just played the round, I birdied all three par 5s, which I started on the back.  So birdied 12, made it on in two and made it with two putts.
Then on the next on 14, hit it on the edge of the green and two putted for birdie.  That was nice.  Gets you going in the right direction.
16, 17, 18, I made a couple of really good pars.  Then I played 18 really well.  Hit a great drive and wedge to ten feet and missed it.  Just playing that hole so well, is good.
Then started on the back.  Played pretty solid.  Was getting a bit of confidence in the swing and everything.  Played nicely and picked up a couple.  Had a few chances but hit it to like three‑foot on the third, which was a nice birdie.  Then had a couple more chances and then hit a really nice shot into the par5, whatever that is,6.  That was playing tough.  It was when it dropped cold and into the wind.  So three good shots, hit a good 6‑iron.
Then hit a really nice shot into 8, the par3.  Wind was quite hard off the left.  So hit it to about ten feet there and made it.  That was good.  And then made a good up‑and‑down on the last, like I say.  Played it a little defensive that hole, went through the back of the green and didn't hit a very good chip but got a way with it.  Happy days.
The whole year, good's been good and the bad's been really bad, which doesn't work.  But I've changed coaches, gone back to Mike Walker who I worked with when I was playing my best.  About three weeks ago, started at the week of KLM.
So I'm working on things, but I'm much happier.  I can actually‑‑ before I felt like I said, the good was good and I was going in the right direction.  That wasn't‑‑ there was something missing, and I feel like we are both on the same wavelength.
It's just kind of going back to looking at what I did before and why I did so well before and just really learning what those important parts of the swing are that are imperative for me to play well, and really comes down to the takeaway.  If I can get the take away in the correct position, I play well, and I probably haven't put as much focus on that over the last year to 18 months as I needed to.  I've sort of concentrated on other areas.
As time goes by, emphasis changes on areas of the swing and you kind of forget, as well.  So it's nice.

Q.  Why did you leave?
OLIVER WILSON:  Well, hindsight's great, isn't it.  I worked with Pete Cowen and Mike together before, and don't get me wrong, I did really good and things were great but I just needed a break to try and just try something different.  You know, that wasn't the mistake; the mistake was not practising enough.  It's a little bit more complicated than that.  But end of the day now, I've had about 18 months where I've played poorly, and the confidence has been knocked quite severely.  So to come out on a course like this, that you have history because we play it so much, and I know the conditions were very nice, but there was a bit of wind and you have to stand up and hit the shots, and for me to do that and have no bogeys around there when I need to play well this week, and at the end of the day, I've got to play well.  So I was pleased.  I was really happy with that.

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