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October 4, 2012

Gregory Havret


Q.テつ An excellent round, six birdies today, just one bogey and probably the most difficult of the three courses to score on, how do you feel?
GRテ窶ーGORY HAVRET:テつ I feel good, definitely, anything under par on Carnoustie is always a good thing.テつ I guess 5‑under is a very good thing, very good sign.テつ I'm quite happy with my game.テつ My bogey on 17, which is probably the hardest hole on the course for us‑‑ but the rest is really solid, really nice.テつ I had a couple of up‑and‑downs to shoot really low, but 5‑under is very nice, yeah, of course.

Q.テつ Wonderful weather today, sunshine, not much wind; what makes the course so difficult?
GRテ窶ーGORY HAVRET:テつ Well, probably one of the oldest venue for a British Open, whatever the conditions are, the course plays really tough with some very bad traps, very well placed on the course, whatever the wind is, we seem to be against.
But we had some very hard shots to play and some out‑of‑bounds, not easy to deal with, like on hole No. 5, 6, 7, 8, which is a tough par 3, and 9 where you have a 3‑wood and a 4‑iron, it's never easy.テつ So I guess there's a couple of par 5s where you can do well.テつ But after that, it's a tough test.

Q.テつ Last tournament on The European Tour was The Italian Open, what have you done the last two weeks?
GRテ窶ーGORY HAVRET:テつ I have a daughter, she's 5 1/2 months, and we baptized her‑‑ yeah, that's the word.テつ So that was the family stuff last weekend, and before that we have been to Rome, a little bit, the city, and in between a few practise days at the Golf du Mテδゥdoc where I'm based.テつ So it was very nice.

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