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August 25, 2001

Brian Nosler


RAND JERRIS: Brian, thanks for coming down to talk to us for a few moments. I think congratulations are in order for some very fine play this week.


RAND JERRIS: I think we were very impressed by the way you played throughout the week and handled yourself throughout today.

BRIAN NOSLER: Thank you.

RAND JERRIS: Maybe you can walk us through your thoughts going to the 15th tee with a 2-up lead, sort of how you were feeling about your game so far that day.

BRIAN NOSLER: I was feeling great. We sat on the tee there for about 10 minutes and it was really slow out there. I think we waited on about every shot on the back nine. But I was feeling good and I hit a good drive there. I had I think 193 to the hole or something. And I hit 5-iron. My fade hasn't been working that week, my draw has. But that's not a very good draw hole. I left it in the bunker and had a really hard bunker shot, just couldn't get up-and-down. I didn't think that was any big deal. I had hit a good drive on 16. And I had a hard time getting the right club today. I misclubbed a lot. I misclubbed into 16, but I made a good 2-putt par and chipped in and that was the start at the end so --

RAND JERRIS: Did you feel like you were hitting the ball fairly well through the front nine this morning? You seemed to be playing pretty well.

BRIAN NOSLER: I was hitting the ball pretty good. I didn't quite hit the fairways that I hit yesterday, but I wasn't that far off. I was in the first cut a few times. I played pretty solid. All week I made the putts: the 8 footers, the 12 footers that I needed to. Can't complain about that.

RAND JERRIS: Questions?

Q. What happened on No. 11? It seemed like you had something happen there. A little bad blood developed after that?

BRIAN NOSLER: Yeah. He had putted first, we both were in the right bunker and he putted first. And I think he was up there about a foot and I conceded the putt. And I was maybe five, feet inside of him or so and missed it. I was about six inches, maybe a foot. I don't know exactly, but it was definitely something that should be conceded. And he was back, he was on the next tee at the time. And I asked Mr. Holland, you know, if he conceded the putt or not. And Mr. Holland asked the -- asked him, called him back over and asked him if he conceded the putt and he said no. And he asked Mr. Holland if I picked it up. I thought that is about the worst sportsmanship I've ever seen. Yeah, I made him putt his 2-incher on the next hole. Disappointed I couldn't beat him. Obviously. But it was his day. So he played very well.

Q. Did you say anything to him after that? Did you talk to him?

BRIAN NOSLER: No. I think I said a bad word. But I didn't say anything to him. I told my caddy, you know, he is going to putt everything the rest of the day. And that was that. I think that a couple of the USGA officials thought that was pretty screwy too.

Q. Were you more surprised by the chip in at 16 or the long putt he made at 17? Were you expecting either one of those?

BRIAN NOSLER: I wasn't expecting the putt on 17. I could see chipping in on 16 there. That can happen. But that putt on 17, that was pretty good.

Q. What did you hit on 18? Was it as good as yesterday or was it better?

BRIAN NOSLER: After he hit it over there to the right, I thought that's not going to be an easy up-and-down. And I think he got a pretty good lie over there. But he still had some work left. But I hit 3-iron and hit it right where I was trying to. So I had about -- I don't know what I had, 25 feet or whatever. And just under read it a little bit. But you know it was a good roll he made the putt there I was expecting him to make that he had the momentum going. It was kind of like me yesterday with Quinney.

Q. How much were things on the mind, the other rewards with getting to the Finals here today, The Masters?

BRIAN NOSLER: A lot. Yeah. It's hard to just take one shot at a time out there, not be thinking ahead. When you get 2-up you start thinking about things, and I didn't play those last few holes that bad. So I don't think that was the problem. But I started thinking about it, so --

Q. How far do you hit your driver?

BRIAN NOSLER: This week it seemed like it was going 320. That's -- I hit it really well this week off the tee. College golf, I'm probably a little bit longer than average.

Q. When something like that happens, with a sportsmanship thing, are you able to draw that out and play the same way or is it the kind of thing that irritates you and can affect your game any?

BRIAN NOSLER: I don't think it affected my game at all. I wanted to beat him more, but it -- maybe a few years ago that stuff would have really bothered me. But I think that it really didn't have much effect. I hit the best pitch shot of my life on 12. And so, it was -- it is okay.

RAND JERRIS: Well, Brian, thanks very much for your time.

BRIAN NOSLER: Yeah. Thank you.

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