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October 2, 2012

Mao-Xin Gong

Ze Zhang


6‑3, 6‑0


THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Chinese, please.

Q.  You met the Indian opponent in first round, that's really challenging.  Make a comment on your performance?
MAO‑XIN GONG:  I think we failed to give our full play potential.  We are a little bit nervous because it's the first time play the court here, and also our opponents are really strong, as well.  That's why, you know, the points looks really shabby.
ZE ZHANG:  I think we are playing singles quite a lot.  For doubles we have to improve or at least we have much room to have further improvement just like Gong said.
In the very beginning we are somewhat nervous.  But gradually we lift our performance as good as we expected.  But we still have much room to improve our doubles.

Q.  We noticed that in the women players we have three players who are fighting as individual players.  I'm not sure whether for male players, do you have thoughts in playing this regard or what might be the mature opportunity first for you to participate in international tournament as individual players?
ZE ZHANG:  I think to fight as individual players have pros and cons.  For example, we have to undertake all the expenses by the tournament by ourselves, but when you're fighting on behalf of national team you would have the national, you know, fund support.
For male players, if we can penetrate into top 100, China has a vast market in this regard.  I think we have more sponsors who will move the eyes to the male players who can better penetrate into top 100.
MAO‑XIN GONG:  Yes, I agree with especially male players, only if you can try to penetrate into top 100 could you have the prospect.

Q.  I have another question.  You have highest ranking for male players in China.  I know you have more opportunities to penetrate into top 100.  What's the plan for the professional career next?  Are you going to try to stay in the national team or if you fail to be 100, you will never give the opportunity to fight as individual player?
ZE ZHANG:  Yes, I used to think about this answer before.  We have the other policy once we will penetrate into top 200, so that is to say we are going to be given more grant when we participate into Grand Slam World Tour.
If we want to fight as individual players, and if we can get the right sponsor and if we can afford all the travel expenses, I think I will try to fight as individual player.

Q.  You actually improve a lot in terms of the ranking this year.  This year you are trying to have a breakthrough playing in doubles.  How are you going to have balance between singles and doubles?  Since you have already play doubles, how are you going to give more time to singles?
ZE ZHANG:  I am a singles player right now.  For doubles I have to improve.  I'm going to try to use the skills that I have already accumulated in singles to improve the doubles such as the, you know, chip shot and service, receiving service, and this will help me try to improve my performance in doubles.
MAO‑XIN GONG:  From my perspective, Wu‑Di and Ze Zhang improved tremendously in terms of their ranking.  From my perspective, starting from last October I got injury.  I started to come back to play again.  In that case my ranking will be somewhat declining.
Ever since we finished the final last year, I started to partner with Ze Zhang, so my ranking have somewhat been declined.  Some people believe that I used to have the single backhand, but now I have a double backhand.  So I have to use some time to get used to this.

Q.  My question goes to Mao‑Xin.  You used to partner with Ze Zhang.  Who will be your next partner?  Also who are going to be your partner for Australian Open next year?
MAO‑XIN GONG:  I'm going to partner with Ze Zhang for the wildcard holder in Australian Open, but in future, and especially for next year, we are going to participate into the National Sports Meeting.  Only if I have only finished all the season I would like to concentrate on that issue. 

Q.  (Question about Ze Zhang's coach.)
ZE ZHANG:  No, because I didn't play the match yet.  So he can't share with me the news to earlier.

Q.  Can you tell me in which area does your foreign coach has help you to improve, especially to help you to improve your understanding of the tennis?
ZE ZHANG:  I think the coach, well, give coaches to both of us.  First he has already give a lot of confidence to make sure that we are both confident and strong.
And also, he has already give us a lot of instructions in terms of the physical fitness and even food, which are very much different from what we did before.  Especially this is very much different from what has been coached by the other coaches.
Actually, for him, he believed that the food before matches would be very much important, and also he pay attention to the physical fitness, as well.

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