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September 30, 2012

Jie Zheng


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in Chinese, please.

Q.テつ Today is the Mid‑Autumn Festival.テつ Do you have any special arrangement when you win the match?テつ Do you have any specific plan to spend the Mid‑Autumn Festival or just go through the normal training or practice?
JIE ZHENG:テつ I discussed this topic with my friend, as well.テつ Probably tonight I will go out with several friends including Jia Rong.テつ And then I'm going to try to discuss with those players.テつ I travel to Beijing, Beijing could be my host.テつ Jia Rong is still involved in the women's doubles now.テつ I have no specific plan.

Q.テつ Your old partner Yan‑Zi will come back this year.テつ Are you going to keep a close watch on her performance?テつ What kind of wish do you have for her?
JIE ZHENG:テつ Probably I don't have too much focus on her because anyway I will play singles and doubles.テつ I have limited energy.テつ Besides the focus on my personal matches, I also have some time to arrange my practice and training.
I don't have much time to keep a close watch on others' matches, but from my personal perspective, I wish she could travel farther.テつ After the time when we finish the match, we are discussing with each other privately, as well.
I think this time she start to recover, and I think it's better for her to enter every single match.テつ I think the result of match is not the most important for her.テつ To be happy is the most important.

Q.テつ My question is following the previous one.テつ Yan‑Zi's comeback this year, did you ever discuss with her that whether it is possible for you to partner with her to fight in the National Sports Meeting in China?
JIE ZHENG:テつ No, no, we don't have to plan so far.

Q.テつ What might be the motivation for you to work together with your partner?テつ Do you have any specific plan next year?テつ Because, you know, Srebotnik's previous partner is going to retire.テつ Did you ever try to discuss with her how are you going to partner with each other in the future again?
JIE ZHENG:テつ Actually, before Wimbledon Championships she came over to check whether I have plan to cooperate with her.テつ I then replied that yes, I want to try.
Then we have a lot of partners in ‑‑we partner with each other and have a lot of matches in North America.テつ We win a lot of matches with very good result, and that's why we are going to finish, going to continue our partners end of this year.テつ But to be frank, we have yet to discuss the matches for next year.
For players, we have been playing 10 months already, so we are very much exhausted already.テつ Probably what we need is a vacation now, then try to consider what are we going to do next year.テつ That's why we didn't consider which one to choose as our partner for next year's matches and tournament.

Q.テつ Your ranking has been improved to 20 compared with what you behaved in the very beginning of the year.テつ Are you satisfied with this?テつ Next question is:テつ Do you have any specific plan to improve your ranking to top 25?
JIE ZHENG:テつ Actually, last week I have already penetrated to top 20, but this week it fall to 25 and 27 again.テつ So basically I'm very much satisfied with my ranking and my performance.
Ever since I finished my operation I have been somewhat recovered and come back the momentum of performance.テつ I'm very much satisfied with this.テつ I'm very much expected to participate into the year‑end final.
So that's why I will take part in the tournament as much as possible, and especially from my personal perspective, I want to participate into the Sofia final.

Q.テつ Just now you mentioned that Yan‑Zi is really enjoying the matches right now.テつ Did you ever try to be jealous that how wonderful if I could try to enjoy a match as she did?テつ Because I understand that you are very ambitious player.テつ Once you lose the game, you will be very much upset; is that correct?
JIE ZHENG:テつ I will try to persuade myself to concentrate on the enjoyment of matches, but as you might understand, this always is a challenge and task to make it possible when you are facing difficult matches, especially in singles.テつ The competition in singles is even more fierce than in doubles.
So in that case the mentality of only enjoying matches but didn't care the result is hard to make it happen.テつ Because for myself, I think it is really challenging.テつ I take serious to every singles matches, as well.
Once I start to play on the court, I will be very much serious, so probably is not easy for me to do as what Yan‑Zi did to play the court.テつ That is to say we don't care the result of success at home.テつ I feel that is not possible for me to make that possible.

Q.テつ The first round for singles, did you have a better understanding of your Spanish opponent in the first round?テつ Did you have any specific plan for her?
JIE ZHENG:テつ Actually, I don't have any understanding of her.テつ I even didn't practice with her before, and I ‑‑actually, I trying to review the video of her performance before, tried to develop a better understanding.テつ I am trying to image some part of her way in playing games.
Anyway, this is a crown tournament.テつ For the first round I think it is even more challenging to play than the Grand Slam tournament, especially for the young players.テつ They're very much ambitious.テつ I think it might be very much challenging tournament or matches for me, but I will try my best to make it better.

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