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September 30, 2012

Samantha Stosur


THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Chinese, please.

Q.  I know actually you have a very fierce competition with Li Na.  And can you make comments for the women's doubles?  And why do you make the decision like that, influencing your performance in the singles?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, Li Na and I have played against each other many times.  I've got good results against her in the past, but, you know, she's a very, very good player and very tough to play against.  You certainly have to play very well if you want to try and beat her.
I think she's done great things for tennis in China and in the world.  It's amazing.
Yeah, she's done very, very well.  I decided to play doubles here just because I wanted to play.  I used to play with Lisa a lot, and she was looking for a partner for this part of the season.  She asked me a few weeks ago, and I just decided to play.

Q.  Since the US Open and the Tokyo tournament, I would ask you, do you think you have the best performance so far or best of your fitness so far?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Well, the last couple of weeks have been good results for me.  I think I went through a little patch through the grass through Wimbledon and Olympics where I struggled a little bit, but since getting on the hard courts, I feel a lot better again.
I think I had a good buildup to the US Open and a good US Open.  I'm very happy with the way I played there.  Last week was good as well.  Hopefully I can continue that for the last few weeks of the year.

Q.  You have traveled here before, and this year you traveled here again.  What are your thoughts for the stadium?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Well, I haven't been to the center court this year yet, but so far I think everything has been really good.  I only came here yesterday afternoon, so I haven't spent too much time here.
I think everything looks good and everything is working well, and I'm looking forward to hopefully being here for the whole week.

Q.  So what's your preparation plan for China Open this year, for the year‑end WTA, final competition Champions?  We have very fierce competition.  Do you have any specific plan to prepare for that year‑end Championships?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Well, I'd like to get there first.  I certainly haven't qualified yet.  I need to have a few good results in the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully I can be there and playing.
I think the best way to do that is to try and play well and win as many matches as possible.  I will definitely be looking to have a good week here and hopefully the next couple of weeks, as well.
I can only do that by playing well and practicing well and doing everything I need to do to play my best tennis.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English.

Q.  You were injured last match against Petrova.  I hope it's not very serious.  How are you feeling now?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Well, I haven't played or practiced or done anything since that match against Nadia a couple of days ago, but I have practice soon in the next couple of hours.  I hope it will be good.
I have to see the physio again.  I don't think it's too serious, but it's certainly something I have to make sure I treat and get physio on the next few days to make sure it doesn't get any worse.

Q.  You mentioned the US Open.  You ended Laura Robson's good run there.  Can you tell me your thoughts on her?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, I think she's a really good, you know, young player.  I think she showed a lot of promise for the last four years or something since she won Wimbledon juniors at 14.
You know, I think it just takes a little bit more time now before you can, you know, kind of get yourself into the top 100 on the WTA.  It takes a bit longer now, I think.
I think she's showing really good promise.  She hits the ball extremely well, and as she gets a bit stronger and maybe a little bit older she will learn how to do some other things on the court, not just be able to strike it well but her movement will improve and all that.
I think she's got, yeah, a good future ahead of her.

Q.  Li Na said Beijing will be her last tournament before the Championships.  Can you tell us how many more tournaments you will play after Beijing and how motivated you will be to gain a spot for Istanbul?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Well, I'm obviously playing here.  I'm playing Osaka next week and Moscow, so I've got another couple of weeks beforehand.
Hopefully by playing all these tournaments I can do well and qualify.  Like I said, I haven't qualified yet.  I think Li Na is the person in front of me.  Both of us will definitely be looking to try and do well this week to see if we can get into the Championships.
If I do make it, then I'm really looking forward to playing there and absolutely motivated to finish the year strong.

Q.  I have kind of a stranger question, I guess.  Are you ever going to get on Twitter?  There are like Twitter fans tweeting and asking you to be on Twitter.  I see you're pretty socially active on Facebook.  Is that something you're ever going to do?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Maybe, maybe one day.  I know a few people have said that I should get on Twitter.  Another Australian player, Casey Dellacqua, tells me that people always write to her telling her to tell me to get onto Twitter.
I don't know.  Maybe one day.  I will keep everyone in suspense for a little bit longer though.

Q.  You have kind of had a drought this year for titles.  You haven't won a single title this year.  How do you plan to go into ‑‑how do you plan to change that, going into the later part of this year and then maybe build on it and improve next year?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, I think it's always a goal to win titles, but, yeah, obviously I haven't won one this year.
I have had some good results that I have been pretty happy with, but obviously they are not just quite there.  I think the only way you can change it is continually try and play well and improve your tennis and in those moments do what you need to do.
I don't think last week in the semi I played the way I needed to, and that's why I lost.  I didn't commit to what I should have done.
So I think, yeah, the only way you can win titles is by doing that throughout the whole week and play well and getting through matches where maybe you're not playing so well but you get through them to give yourself another chance.
That's always what I'm trying to do.  Yeah, it's difficult.  It's not so easy to go out there and say, Oh, this week I'm going to try and win the tournament.  Of course you want to do that every week, but it takes hard work.
Yeah, you have got to keep pushing for it and stay consistent and persistent with what you're trying to achieve.

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