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September 30, 2012

Davis Love III


Q.  American Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love, and I can imagine 24 hours ago you wouldn't have thought you'd be standing here in this situation.  Knowing what you know now, would you have done anything different, not only this week but with your selections?
DAVIS LOVE III:  No, I wouldn't have done anything different.  They played great.  We had a couple matches get flipped there at the end that made it a little bit easier on them.  This is a great team, we had a great week.  We played together as a team, and today we said we want to win every segment, and we got a halve out of a couple of them, and we got beat badly in this one.  Any time you lose a segment that badly, it's going to cost you the Ryder Cup.

Q.  You played on that '99 Ryder Cup team that came back from a 10‑6 deficit.  How big a comeback do you think this is on their behalf?
DAVIS LOVE III:  Well, it's exactly the same, same score.  They came back and won.  Give them a lot of credit; they played very, very well.  They had a couple hot streaks the first two days that kept them in it.  Ian's hot streak at the end there yesterday gave them some confidence, and I know they built on that.
We tried to say, they got on a little bit of a run, but if we can get a run early‑‑ guys that started hot the first couple days did not start hot today.
Like I said, a couple matches there in the middle got flipped.  We knew we were going to put Stricker and Woods in the back just in case, and they obviously fought hard, stayed in it all the way, but once those guys got the momentum, it was tough.

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