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September 30, 2012

Justin Rose


Q.  You're 1‑down, two to play against Phil Mickelson, one of the world's best players and he's unbeaten this week with three points, try to describe what that feels like to win the last two holes to win the match.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Having an eight‑foot putt to halve the hole on 16, to dig myself out of that game is incredible.  I felt like we needed that point, as well, to have any chance.  I haven't summed up the situation but a halve‑‑ I was just playing.  He was looking confident like he was going to make that chip and just missed and I buried it on top of him, and that was one of the best feelings of my life to make that putt.
And 18, now I know how Ian Poulter feels.  I had a glance down and looked at my left sleeve, and that's the kind of stuff he would have done today.

Q.  Things are incredibly tight.  Can your buys do this?  Can this get done?  It would be incredible.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Man, who knows.  I think we can.  That's going to shape things up a little bit.  If we can just get one of those‑‑ there's three 2‑ups out there on the golf course.  If a couple of those guys start to wobble, it's going to get awfully tight.

Q.  1‑down, two to play, how did you dig that out?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I'd like to know and I'd like to bottle it up for the future, absolutely.
Also I made a big putt on 16, I made an 8‑footer on top of Phil there and that was the first time I really showed any emotion all day and that sparked me to bigger and better things the last two holes.
But those are the three biggest putts I've ever made back‑to‑back in my career under pressure.  I just said to myself, over the putt on 18 I was shaking a little bit and I said to myself, I haven't putted well the whole week, and I said to myself:  Rosey, this is what the whole week could come down to for you.  If you miss it, might feel disappointed, but if you make this putt it's going to be a good week for you.  And just did what I had to do.  Coming off the green here, I've looked down on my left sleeve and that's the kind of thing Seve would have done for sure.

Q.  A lot of guys are saying that.  You said yesterday that if you were to get a bit of momentum today, it might unnerve this place a lot.  Getting a sense of that now?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Well look at that board, the first five guys have just done what we had to do.  That's just amazing.
So we are all going to get back there, support our boy, put the pressure on the Americans.  If they hang on, good luck to them but we have given it everything today.  I'm proud of the boys so who knows a bit of fortune and this could be an incredible day.
Phil is a gentleman and I've always thoroughly enjoyed playing with him and against him.  Unfortunately for him he seems to bring out the best in me.  I've beaten him head‑to‑head now three times in match play and there's no doubt he was up for the game today.
We had a really good match, I think I was 5‑under and Phil played well.  We both hit key shots down the stretch.  It was a ding‑dong battle and one of those games someone had to lose.  But for us, that could be a massive point.  I don't know, I haven't quite figured out what's going on behind us, but it is close which is going to be fun.

Q.  If you were to script a more magical moment, I don't know if you could diagram, it birdie, birdie on the last two holes, including a long one on the 17th to earn a point.
JUSTIN ROSE:  I'm just going back in the match in my head right now, I plugged it in the bunker on 15 in two, up‑and‑downed it out of a plugged lie and got a way with a halve there.  Buried it from eight feet on Phil at 16 and then birdied the last two.  That was really an incredible get‑out for me.  We had a great game who the whole day.  I enjoyed Phil's company; he is a gentleman out there on the golf course, and we both played as hard as we could.

Q.  Did you think of Seve today?
JUSTIN ROSE:  When I walked, obviously in the moment, you've got to do what you've got to do, but as soon as I holed that putt, as soon as I came off the green, my first thought has been to Seve, absolutely.
You know, he's been an inspiration for this team all week long, and who knows, if something crazy happens today, I know that we are going to be looking upwards.

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