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September 29, 2012

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE:¬† I'm not sure what it was in Brookline, 10‑6 and we all know what an epic day that was for the Americans.¬† Massive task tomorrow, but, there's a chance.¬† At 11, what would it have been‑‑ at 11 and a half, four and a half, you have no chance.

Q.  José Maria Olazábal we understand gave you guys a bit of a sort of talking to last night; he has a massive role in what he says to you tonight.  People talk about the speech he gave four years ago at Valhalla on the Saturday night, and I guess you're expecting more of the same.
JUSTIN ROSE:  All he asked for last night was what you saw down the stretch today from some of the guys.  Just play, believe in yourself and take it to another level, find a different gear when you need it.  And you know, obviously a couple of the guys were able to do that, Luke and Sergio coming down the stretch and obviously Ian and Rory.  That was a huge turnaround.

Q.  You've played all four, singles, every single point is going to be vital; how are you feeling?  Where would you like to be in the order?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Every point, every guy out there needs to win his match, regardless of where you play.  But, the guys going out early can make a statement.  And I don't care where I play to be honest with you.  A little tired right now, but tomorrow, we're going to be believing, absolutely.

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