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September 28, 2012

Steve Stricker

Tiger Woods


Q.テつ Maybe some comments, obviously a disappointing day overall for you guys, but good for the team.
TIGER WOODS:テつ Yeah, Nicolas probably had one of the greatest putting rounds I've ever seen.テつ We had a chance to all square on the last hole, and I missed it.

Q.テつ How would you explain your play today?
TIGER WOODS:テつ I didn't play very good this morning at all.テつ I was hitting it awful and not doing anything well.テつ But I hit it good this afternoon.テつ I drove it great this afternoon and was in position, but we ran into a guy who just made absolutely everything.

Q.テつ Steve, I know you guys have had success individually.テつ Talk about the fact that your team had a great day.
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, no doubt.テつ We've got a two‑point lead after the first day, so off to a good start.テつ We didn't contribute anything today, but we've got a couple more days yet so we can't hang our heads and keep fighting and the rest of the team played great.

Q.テつ Tiger, historically Europeans in team competition have the majority of the time come out ahead.テつ You guys go into day number two with the lead.テつ Talk about that.
TIGER WOODS:テつ Well, I think the guys played well today.テつ It was a great team effort.テつ Some of these matches weren't that close.テつ They got off to quick starts early and got up on that board, and that was nice to see.

Q.テつ Tiger, you had seven birdies this afternoon yourself.テつ What changed?テつ Where did you turn around?
TIGER WOODS:テつ Well, Sean and I talked about my swing at basically halftime and made a few adjustments, and I really hit it well this afternoon, but as I said, we ran into a guy who made everything today.テつ I don't know what he shot.テつ He was like 7‑under through 10.テつ I quit counting after that.

Q.テつ Were you surprised about what happened to you in the morning?テつ Had there been any indication on the range warming up yesterday?
TIGER WOODS:テつ Well, I didn't hit it well at all warming up, and it just carried into my play in the morning session, but rectified it in the afternoon, but unfortunately it wasn't good enough.

Q.テつ Was it just a conversation you had with Sean?テつ Did you hit any balls or anything?
TIGER WOODS:テつ We didn't have time.テつ We only had a half hour between matches, so we didn't have any time.

Q.テつ You guys fought real hard out there.テつ Tough to lose that match?
TIGER WOODS:テつ It really is.テつ I thought we did all the things that we needed to do, and as I said, Nicolas had one of the greatest putting rounds ever.テつ There weren't too many putts that he missed, but most of them were 15 feet and out.テつ It was an awfully impressive day.テつ As I said, I had a chance on the last hole to all square it, and I missed it.

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