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September 28, 2012

Davis Love III


Q.  What a turnaround this was.  At one point this morning, none of the matches were complete and the United States was behind in every single match on the course.  What was the highlight from this afternoon?
DAVIS LOVE III:  Well, we were down, but we were only one down this morning on a lot of matches.  You know, just everybody played real well and hung in there and had a lot of fun.  Seemed like as the sun came out, we just got better and better.  It's just nice to see those scores, those 5 & 4s and 3 & 2s, and it's nice when you get on a roll like that.

Q.  Your rookies were extraordinary today; if my count is right, five points.  Your thoughts on that?
DAVIS LOVE III:  Well, everybody kept calling them rookies, but they're proven Tour winners and FedExCup winners and guys that have played very, very well lately.  So we weren't considering them rookies except in the Ryder Cup, and we showed a little nerves this morning right out of the box.  But I'm proud of the whole team; they played very, very well and stuck together well.

Q.  You rolled the dice a little bit on Tiger Woods and it took an extraordinary round to beat him.  Your thoughts on the way he came back this afternoon?
DAVIS LOVE III:¬† Well, they played great.¬† I think Colsaerts was close to 9‑ or 10‑under on his own ball.¬† That's unbelievable golf, and that's usually what it takes to beat Tiger Woods.¬† They weren't as sharp this morning, but they played great, and they probably would have beat anybody else on the course except for Colsaerts.

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