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September 28, 2012

Martin Kaymer

Justin Rose


Q.  How would you characterize events after the start?
MARTIN KAYMER:  It was very difficult.  I didn't play my best golf and didn't really happen for us today.  We never really got momentum on our side.  Justin played really, really well but I was struggling a little bit unfortunately and that's why we were down fairly early.

Q.  It's been a mixed day for you, Justin, the high of winning with Ian, and obviously a little bit of a low this afternoon.  A four‑year wait for you to get back into this Ryder Cup, has it disappointed in other regards?
JUSTIN ROSE:  No, no, there's a long way to go this n this tournament.  There's ebbs and flows.  Obviously there's momentum for the U.S. Team right now but that could all swing back in our favor tomorrow.  I think you're not going to go‑‑ in Wales, the Europeans lost every session except one, so there's lots of golf.
Martin was close to playing well today.  He hit a lot of good putts on the front nine that didn't go in, and that's the fine line out here.  We'll pick ourselves up and see if we can squeeze a point out the last, and 3‑1; if we can make it 3‑1, that won't be too bad of a result.

Q.  And the welcome that you received, it seems it's been pretty amiable out there, how have you found the crowds and how have you been treated by the fans?
MARTIN KAYMER:  I think very well.  It was very fun to play.  We were able to focus on our swings, and so far they have behaved fairly well.

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