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September 28, 2012

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK:  I was planning on hitting the ball about five yard on, 206, it was uphill into the wind and it was kind of a smooth hybrid for me, kind of like a 2‑iron.  I was a little nervous that I hit it a touch hard.  I hit it really well and just maybe too well.  I was trying to land it five on and it landed four on.
I definitely had some first tee jitters; you can tell the way I hit it off the fifth and made a few loose swings.  But I feel like I got it under control and hit the ball really well on the back nine.  Hit a bunch of good shots.  Just a little upset with the finish.

Q.  Do you feel like you put the pressure on Graeme on 15 when he hit driver just in front of the green?
JIM FURYK:  Had no real choice.  I wanted to talk about it with my partner.  In my mind, after hitting the second shot on 14, I was only looking ahead.  I had heard the tee box was up, and I knew where the pin was and I knew it was in a good position, and I felt like at 2‑down, we really had no choice.
Really, that hole, especially are the right‑to‑left wind, I like to hit that low cut, that's kind of my bread and butter, and we applied a little pressure there.
I give Graeme all the credit in the world, that birdie at 14, the 20‑footer he made when we were in for a definite birdie ended up being the difference.  You can always look back and forth but we had a lot of momentum there winning holes, 13, 15, 16, and he poured that one putt in.

Q.  Brandt was saying he wasn't nervous until 18; what do you say to that?
JIM FURYK:  Who said that, Brandt?  Well, welcome to The Ryder Cup.  We are all that way.  I know Graeme McDowell felt that way and I know Rory felt that way.  Rory made a very tentative swing as well, it turned out much better, and Graeme‑‑ no one hit a real good shot on the last hole if you think about it.
They did a good job of getting the ball up‑and‑down and making the putt.  I know Graeme was nervous but like I said, he has ice in his veins, hit a 6‑footer straight up the hill.  It looks easy to everyone else, being in that position, I know how difficult it was and he poured it in.  I tip my hat to him.

Q.  Did you call that penalty on yourself, the bunker‑‑
JIM FURYK:  I told the official what happened.  I said I don't remember what I did, but I think I grounded my club and I at least hovered on the grass‑‑ inaudible.  May or may not have changed the complexion.  I tried to chip that one in from there.

Q.  Your putt on 18?
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, we read it and both pretty much picked out the same spot.  I hit it‑‑ I had not putted since 13.  I didn't put a lot today.  Brandt ended up with all the putts, which is good, because he putted really well from six and eight feet.
But we hit it right where I wanted to, and we both‑‑ he was saying, I don't think it's breaking as much as you think at the top and we talked about it, we picked the perfect spot.  We both had the same idea.

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