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September 27, 2012

Jim Furyk


Q.  How does it feel to be paired with Brandt?
JIM FURYK:  I'm excited about it.  We talked about pairings during the week, and I think it makes a good pairing.  We have similar styles, and I admire his game and the way he played this year, good short game, good putter, and I'm looking forward to playing with him.

Q.  Can you discuss if you've had a chance to practice with him this week?
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, absolutely.  The captain is not going to send us out in the first match without playing together.  We've actually switched up groups every day, but Brandt has been part of that group with me for three days.  So we haven't played a ton of golf together on Tour.  We have played together, but we are kind of getting used to each other's golf ball a little bit and figuring out what holes we want to play, who's going to take the odds, who's going to take the evens, reading putts together and just getting comfy.

Q.  It's your eighth Ryder Cup.  What lessons have you learned from past experiences and what do you plan to bring to this weekend?
JIM FURYK:  Well, I think you draw from the positives and the negatives.  I think that I've been on seven teams and two have come out victorious.  I've definitely learned a little bit about momentum and getting out in front, and I know getting off to a good start tomorrow will be key to us, and we're setting the tone.  We're in the first group.  We have a tough pairing with Rory and Graeme, but it'll be nice for us to get out there and get a point and set the tone early against probably their strongest team.  You draw from all those experiences and I'm comfortable.  I know what to expect tomorrow, and I'm happy to be here on home soil.

Q.  When you're kicking off the event tomorrow what's going to be going through your mind?
JIM FURYK:¬† Hopefully I'm not freezing.¬† It's going to be chilly at 7:20.¬† But past that, I think it's‑‑ I'll be nervous just like I know Rory will be nervous and I know Graeme is going to be nervous and I know Brandt is going to be nervous.¬† But I'll be excited.¬† The crowd is going to be energetic.¬† They're going to be making a ton of noise.¬† You know, I think what will be going through my mind is that I appreciated the eighth one every bit as much as the first.

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