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September 23, 2012

Ryan Moore


Q.  Can you tell us about your day?  Obviously, you were right there in contention?
RYAN MOORE:  Yeah, I mean, it was a good day.  Really, a good week.  I've been feeling good about my game really for the last few weeks.  Started putting the ball a lot better the last few weeks.  I was excited to kind of get in the mix, and at least make it a little interesting there for a while.
You know, it just came down to the last three holes.  They're tough golf holes, and I didn't hit good shots on them.  So they'll sneak up on you really quick if you don't put them in the right spots, and unfortunately, that's what got me.

Q.  What do you think the keys were to your success this week?
RYAN MOORE:  You know, I mean, for the most part, three of the four rounds I hit the ball really well, really solid, and just put it in the fairways on this golf course.  These are 18 to whatever, 20 yards wide or so on each fairway.  So really there is a premium on this golf course, especially for me.  I can't launch it high and soft out of the rough.
So I have to be in the fairway.  From there, hit a good, solid iron shot, and putted really well.  So this whole week I viewed it as a bonus.  I was 64th going into the FedExCup, and just to even be here was a big accomplishment, let alone to have a Top 5 here at the end of the season.  I feel good about my end of the year going into my off‑season.

Q.  Do you believe in momentum carrying over to 2013?  Can you build off a lead like this?
RYAN MOORE:  Absolutely.  Any time you play good golf, there is momentum and confidence to be taken from it.  I did some things right.  I kind of just embraced a little bit of who I am as a golfer these last four weeks, and I just played golf.  I wasn't thinking about my swing.  I wasn't trying to do this or do that.  It's like sometimes you've just got to go play.  You've got what you've got at the time, and that was kind of my mentality.  Just play hard this last month going into the off‑season, and then you've got a couple of months to go work on some things and get some stuff straightened out.
But it gave me some confidence that I don't need to do that much and I can be right there and in contention.  I was in the top 5 of every one of the last three events.  I didn't necessarily finish up there.  I finished 10th, the two before this.  So I was right there.  Just by playing my own game, playing golf, how Ryan Moore plays golf.  That's encouraging and something to build on.

Q.  Can you talk a little bit about Brandt?
RYAN MOORE:  Oh, he's been tough all week.  I think he came out and started pretty tough on Thursday, and he wanted it.  You could just see it.  I played with him Friday.  I mean, you could just see it.  He just had it in him.  He was doing everything he could just to get everything he could out of it.  He knew he was in that position.  If he wins the golf tournament, the prize is his.  So it was an impressive week.

Q.  So you're playing Vegas, right?  You must be pretty excited headed there?
RYAN MOORE:  Yeah, to finish the year off at home.  Yeah, it's nice to finish the year off at home, and to have it in my backyard on a golf course I play all the time.  I'm looking for a W.  And, you know, that's my last chance.

Q.  Your amateur career, winning the Publinks, the U.S. Am, the Western Am I don't have to tell you the resume.  How much do you burn to be on a Presidents Cup or Ryder Cup team at some point in your career?  How much of a goal is that?
RYAN MOORE:  It comes by playing good golf.  That's all there is to it.  I don't think about it ever.  It's never in the back of my mind.  It's just something that if you play good enough, it's a great honor.  It's a great tradition.  Something I would love to be a part of.  You know, just got to play a little better.

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