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September 23, 2012

Luke Donald


Q.  Terrific finish.  How do you reflect on two 6s over the weekend?
LUKE DONALD:  It was a lot more solid play.  I've just been really close, and it's nice to finally string a couple of good rounds together.  I came up a little bit short for this week, but it was a good effort.
I'll stick around and see what these guys do the last few holes.  They certainly aren't playing easy, but happy the way I finished and it was a solid tournament.

Q.  It's something that you've made a specialty in the playoffs last year after a pour opening round in the BMW.  You seem to make up so much ground in final rounds.  Is it a different mentality working from way back?
LUKE DONALD:  I like to see the finish line.  That's why the match is 18 holes.  You can see it a lot quicker.  But, yeah, I enjoy the atmosphere of Sunday.  I’m just trying to do my hardest.  No, I don't have any more holes after the last one on Sunday.
But, yeah, I can't really explain the mentality or why I played a little bit better on Sundays, but certainly need to figure out how I can do that for Thursdays.

Q.  You must be feeling great going to Chicago?
LUKE DONALD:  I am looking forward to it.  Obviously, one, it's the Ryder Cup, and some of my best moments in golf have been during that event and obviously being in Chicago the place I've lived for the last 15 years will be pretty special to just drive down the road and play. Looking forward to the team looking good.  It's going to be a tough battle.

Q.  Do you have to make any mental adjustments moving from this event into the Ryder Cup?
LUKE DONALD:  Well, it's a match play, it's a little bit different.  But there are a string of events that are kind of merging to that.  We've all been playing quite a lot lately.  I think everyone's pretty much informed and it will be a great Ryder Cup.
As long as the weather is decent, I think you're going to see quite a few birdies.  It will be a fun Ryder Cup and chipping and making putts.

Q.  Are you going to wait here for maybe an hour or so?
LUKE DONALD:  Yeah, I'll hang around.  The last three holes are pretty challenging, so I'm not going to hold my breath, but certainly the last holes aren't that easy to navigate.

Q.  Have these playoffs been very kind to you the last few years?
LUKE DONALD:  We've had a good chance to win.  Probably came up a shot short this year.  What it's going to take for me to win this event and have any chance.  I didn't play that well in the last three events of the playoffs.  I just played mediocre.  Certainly this event is very important.  If you win it, you've got a great chance of winning the whole thing.

Q.  There are some tough holes coming in.  Do you want to stick around?
LUKE DONALD:  I'll stick around.  These guys are pretty strong out there, but it's a challenging last three holes, 16, 17, 18 at the top.  We'll see what happens, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Q.  I think you might be the first Ryder Cup player to ever play at home.
LUKE DONALD:  Yeah, it's certainly going to be a unique experience for me.  Hopefully I can take away a small percentage of the home crowd support.  USA will be heavily supported that week.  But obviously having quite a few people I know, I'll get quite a few of them on my side.

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