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September 22, 2012

Jim Furyk


Q.  One over on 17.  Just comment on the day?
JIM FURYK:  I did a lot right today.  I hit a lot of fairways, I hit a lot of greens.  I wasn't scoring particularly well, and I only made one birdie today.  I hit a lot of greens, but yesterday, as accurate as I was and as close as I hit it so often, today I hit the ball 25 feet a lot.  Didn't have a lot of good looks.  Was above the hole quite a bit today and hitting some delicate putts.
But I played solid.  I mean, I was in the lead the entire day.  Got to 17.  Was a little uncomfortable on the tee shot, and hit a bad double cross.  Kind of guided it out there, instead of making a good swing, and then didn't really‑‑ my head was spinning.  Didn't really settle myself down into the second swing.  Blew it way right and ended up not really hitting a good four shot, average bunker shot.  Hit a great putt, but it didn't go in and added up to 7.
I think I'll handle tomorrow‑‑ I played well today.  I played 17 good holes.  I didn't score the way I wanted to.  But it's easier to put that one hole behind me than if I had shot 72 and made 6 bogies today, and kind of struggles around the golf course.  I played solid today.  I just need to go out tomorrow and I'll be a little better with my iron game and knock in some putts and get momentum early, and get myself back in the lead.  I can linger on 17 all I want.  But really, I'm 3‑back.  I have a good opportunity tomorrow to fire a good number.

Q.  When you say uncomfortable, was it the wind?
JIM FURYK:  Well, water up the left.  I like to cut the ball to start with, but also a hard left‑to‑right wind.  So I've got to start one up the left side, and you're going to rarely in that situation see me even up the right rough and try to hook it.  But it's not really my style.  I made a bad swing.  I double crossed it, and kind of shut down a little bit.

Q.  Was your score today more reflective of how you putted or that one drive?
JIM FURYK:  I don't understand.

Q.  Well, basically, if you had putted‑‑ I mean, you had a lot of opportunities, as you said yourself.
JIM FURYK:  I didn't think I had that many opportunities.  I felt like I let one slide maybe at 15.  I had two, three, four decent looks at it, but nothing like yesterday.  I was in there, 6, 8 feet all day yesterday.  And today I got a 15‑footer and a 20‑footer there.
It was nice to get a lot of putts from 20, to 25 feet that were breaking downhill.  It's a lot of lagging down there to try to feed it in from the high side, but an aggressive‑style of putting.  I had a good look from 12 where I was up the hill and hit a good putt and it didn't go in.  I had a good putt at 15 that didn't go in.  So I putted solid, I just didn't have as many looks as I had yesterday.  My score is very indicative to that one hole.

Q.  Has being named to the Ryder Cup team alleviated some of the pressure?
JIM FURYK:  That's leading up.  It's accurate, and maybe the PGA where it's on your mind to finish in the top 8.  And then Barclays and Deutsche Bank, but I felt pretty free at BMW.  I was in a good mood all week that week.
It was those two weeks, really, Barclays and Deutsche Bank.  You're a little out of sorts.  You want to play well. You're hoping you catch the captain's eye.  You're trying to figure out where everyone else is and how they're doing, and ultimately I know better than that.  As a veteran player, you know, you just go out and play your game, and that's really all you can control.
But it's impossible not to really pay attention, and it is impossible not to put a little extra pressure on yourself. 
So I'm proud of Snedeker and Dustin, how well they've played because they were a little farther back on that list to me, and both finished and actually had two great golf tournaments for both of them.  They handled the pressure better than anyone.

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