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September 22, 2012

Luke Donald


Q.  Can you talk about your round?
LUKE DONALD:  Yeah, it was a round which wasn't much happening.  Finally made a birdie on 13, holed my second shot on 14 with an 8‑iron, made a solid birdie on 17.  A solid 4‑under on the back nine, and now at least I've got a small sniff at winning tomorrow.  But it's going to take a very low one.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
LUKE DONALD:  I think most of the usual Sunday pins you'll see.  I think it will be like most Sundays here.

Q.  (Indiscernible) just to put some excitement into it?
LUKE DONALD:  Just looking at some of the dots that I saw out there for tomorrow's pins, I saw a very similar set‑up to most years.

Q.  You've played with Tiger earlier in his career.  That par on 16 there was reminiscent of things that he used to do back in the day.  What were your memories of it, and what were you thinking?
LUKE DONALD:  You know, obviously, he's grinding hard over that par putt.  He looked like he wanted it.  He made a couple of good par saves today.  You know, he's certainly playing better.  We've all seen that over the last year.

Q.  What was the club and distance on (Indiscernible)?
LUKE DONALD:  It was‑‑ I can't even remember the distance.  I think it was 166.

Q.  Big cheer?
LUKE DONALD:  Yeah, it was good, the advantage of play with Tiger and holing a shot.  More than about 50 people watching.

Q.  Obviously a lot of money at stake tomorrow, especially for whoever wins the FedExCup or finishes second.  Do you recall a point in your career when you thought a lot about the money or shots or missed shots or how much that cost you and getting past that point?
LUKE DONALD:  Sunday last year and Sunday two years ago, I missed out probably by a shot.  It was a big difference.  You don't really think about money when you're on the golf course, but afterwards, one shot.  The difference between 8 or 9 million is quite a lot.  But that's the way it went.

Q.  Did you think about it any at Disney last year as well?
LUKE DONALD:  No, the only thought was I needed to win and hopefully make Webb not finish second.  That was my only thoughts.  Got on a great little run there on Sunday.

Q.  When you talk about every shot counting, whether it's FedEx, top 30 earlier in your career or money list or Ryder Cup points, et cetera, how many shots do you think you guys throwaway in the course of a year‑‑ I don't want to say given up, but losing your focus for a few moments.  It surely happens, doesn't it?
LUKE DONALD:  Three or four, maybe.  A small putt here or there.  Yeah, maybe not thinking through the club.  We work hard on making sure every shot does count, but you're always going to miss a few.

Q.  I know you have a big day tomorrow.  But are you trying to shut that out?
LUKE DONALD:  Not really.  There will be plenty of time.  It's a pretty good build‑up.  We get there Monday night and we don't start until Friday.  We'll have a lot of fun with the team guys and that's when it will hit home.
But tomorrow is just about putting in another good round and giving myself a chance to win.

Q.  Does it help you being in Chicago, the fact that you live there and you know the place?
LUKE DONALD:  Well, certainly I wouldn't like to fly back to England on Sunday night after a few drinks.  It's a lot easier driving 30 minutes down the road.  Other than that, it would be nice to have some family and friends supporting me.

Q.  Can you talk about the difference in the course today?
LUKE DONALD:  The major difference is the wind.  A little bit more wind today out of the west.  It made some of the holes play a little bit longer.  The temperature's a little bit warmer, so the course is dry.  But any time you get a wind around a golf course like this where it's difficult to hit the fairways and with the greens being so fast, it makes it a little bit trickier.

Q.  Did you have to make any adjustments today?
LUKE DONALD:  Not too many adjustments, just grinding hard in my game as usual.  I spent last week, my off week working hard on my short game.  It hasn't quite paid off this week.  My long game's been very solid, and I haven't taken advantage of hitting plenty of greens this week, but I haven't taken advantage of being on the green this is week.
Certainly it feels like it's very close, and I played a solid round today.  It's nice to shoot 4‑under on the back nine, and at least give myself a chance tomorrow.

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