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September 22, 2012

Ryan Moore


Q.  65.  Great playing out there.  Can you just comment on the round?
RYAN MOORE:  Yeah, it was a good, solid day.  Just a tough golf course, especially in the blustery conditions.  I was just trying to play smart all day.  I fortunately was hitting it in the fairway, and I got some good numbers with my irons and was able to attack a few times and hit some good shots in there.  Really kind of got rolling in the middle of the round, made four birdies in a row, and kind of cruised from there.

Q.  Did you think about a number tomorrow or just go out and play, basically, and see what happens?
RYAN MOORE:  Yeah, I'm pretty happy with how I played today, and I'm going to try to keep attacking the golf course the same way I did today.  When I get a chance and I'm on the fairway and have a good number, there are pins that you can definitely hit out.
But at the same time, if you hit it in the middle of the fairway and have a 5‑iron in, I've got to hit it to 30 feet and be happy with making par and move on to the next hole.  That's kind of how I've approached it every day.

Q.  Ryan, when you get on a roll like that on a birdie streak, is it easier or harder to stay in the moment?
RYAN MOORE:  Funny thing is I honestly had no idea I had birdied four holes in a row today until like two or three holes after it.  I don't know why.  I just wasn't really paying attention.  I was just playing golf and I was having a great time.  I like playing with Rickie.  He's one of my favorite people to play with out here.
So we were just chatting.  It was just one of those times I was just playing and hitting good shots and making birdies.  It just wasn't really even thinking about it.

Q.  Never gave you any signals that you were playing so well?
RYAN MOORE:  He kept telling me, yeah, you know, that was an okay shot when I hit it in there, so it kept me striving to try to hit it closer.

Q.  Why do you enjoy playing with him so much?
RYAN MOORE:  I've played with him a lot over the last few years, a couple of west coast guys, and, you know, just have a good conversation.  He's a fun guy to talk to.  He plays nice and fast, and he's just a good guy to play with.

Q.  When you're putting as well as you have the past month, what is the difference between when you're not?  What are you doing now?
RYAN MOORE:  Putting for me is 90% set‑up.  My stroke doesn't really change that much.  I have been struggling, actually, with my putting for two or three months leading up to this last month or so.
I had my younger brother come out who had caddied for me a lot over the years, and just always, you know, always had a good eye for my putter and my putting.  So I had him come out to the Deutsche Bank in Boston, and kind of take a look at it for me.  And I just had a couple of alignment issues.
I wasn't quite setting up how I normally do, and we tweaked that a little bit, and got my eyes seeing square a little bit better again.  It just kind of allows me to putt and not be thinking about it or trying to manipulate it out on the golf course.

Q.  Does the upper echelon of the tour help you build momentum for next year, or do you start from scratch going into 2013?
RYAN MOORE:  Having a good finish to the season never hurts.  I had one of my better finishes.  It was 2010 when I was here.  It kind of carried through.  I played well in the HSBC in China that year, and I started out with a couple of Top 10s.
So it's nice to have that momentum and that good play.  It's just nice to play well any time.  It doesn't matter when it happens.  Just to get that confidence, get that good, positive feeling, and just let it carry through.

Q.  When you played with Rickie today, did the words Ryder Cup come up at all in conversation?
RYAN MOORE:  No, no, obviously, we're not on the team, so, no, we don't talk about it.

Q.  Do you try to figure out where Rory is on the board?
RYAN MOORE:  No.  I honestly have no chance to win the FedExCup.  That is my reality.  But I do have a chance to win a golf tournament.  That is my focus.  I haven't won a golf tournament this year.  I only have one more chance, one more tournament I'm playing after this, so this is one of my last chances to close out the year the right way.

Q.  This would be the biggest tournament you've ever won, obviously?
RYAN MOORE:  Yeah, we'll talk about that then.

Q.  Will you watch the Ryder Cup next week?
RYAN MOORE:  It depends on how bored I am.  Maybe.  I have a lot of stuff going on.  I have a pregnant wife, and we have a lot of stuff to get done over the next three or four weeks until our baby is due, so I think I might be kind of busy.

Q.  She's eight months?
RYAN MOORE:  Yeah, she's about eight months.

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