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September 21, 2012

Bo Van Pelt


Q.  Bo, you mentioned it's an easier game when you're in the fairway, and I think you saw that today, the difference of being in the fairway, and in the rough.
BO VAN PELT:  No question.  The holes I drove it in play, I scored really well.  Other than 16 I made a bogey from the fairway, it was kind of an unforced error.  It all starts there on the golf course.  If you can drive it on the fairway, you can put the ball in a good spot, and the greens are perfect, you are going to have some good luck.  That is going to be the key over the weekend.

Q.  Talk about your consistency the last few years.  You're one of a handful of players that have made it to this event three years in a row, and getting a win here this week would certainly take that to the next level, I would imagine?
BO VAN PELT:  I was telling somebody earlier.  I've had the same coach for 12 years.  Same caddie for 7.  We've been working on the same stuff for really the last six or seven years of my golf swing.  I think that's led to my consistency.  I don't‑‑ I feel like I don't get that far off when it's bad.  I know what I'm supposed to be working on, my shot pattern, and how to fix it even if my coach isn't here.  That's how I fix it and not get too far down even on days when it's off.

Q.  (Indiscernible) you're only 2 back.  How do you feel about your position?
BO VAN PELT:  Yeah, you know, any time you can shoot under par on this golf course, it's a good score.  2‑under.  The biggest thing I was upset with, I had, I think, three of my four bogies or four of my five bogies were unforced where you don't want to let them slip away like that.  That was the only disappointing part.  I felt like my ball striking improved a little bit from yesterday.  That was the thing.
I didn't hit it very well yesterday, and my short game kind of helped me in there.  I was just hope to go progress a little bit each day.  So happy that I got under par where I didn't get too far back because it's hard to play catch up on this golf course.  Just hoping that I build on what I found today, and make it a little bit better tomorrow.

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