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September 21, 2012

Matt Kuchar


MATT KUCHAR:  This course only gives you so much.  This course you have to be aggressive. 15 is the only one that comes to mind as a chance.  There are a couple holes where you're going to have a few wedges in your hand and try to make some birdies there.  But the course is tough.  I mean, going low is hard to do around here.

Q.  What did you learn about the course today that you can apply for the weekend?
MATT KUCHAR:  I maybe was overly aggressive a couple of times, and it cost me.  I think you've got to be conservative around here.  It's hard to be aggressive.  The greens are beautiful.  They're firm.  It's a tough course, to I guess, be aggressive.  I think around here if you just miss greens, it's difficult to get up and down.  So you want to be safe.  Make sure you have chances for par, and not have to do too much grinding out here.

Q.  What about the shot on 16?
MATT KUCHAR:  That left pin, you have to stay right side of the green.  Miss left.  That was one that I knew I couldn't be aggressive with, and it kind of came out left.  You have to be overly conservative on that one.

Q.  Are you going to try to keep up with Georgia Tech‑Miami tomorrow when you're out here?
MATT KUCHAR:  Yeah, I was hoping for a late game.  I was hoping for an 8:00 game.  A 3:00 o'clock game will be right in the middle of play time.

Q.  You had a solid round of golf the past couple of days.  Took a little wobble at the end.  Are you going to need to do anything extra for this weekend in order to win this thing?
MATT KUCHAR:  No, this course you've got to drive on the fairway and hit greens.  I've been putting well, and hitting the ball even better today.  So I look forward to continuing better ball striking, and fairways are so crucial.  The rough here is just really penalizing.  So keeping the ball on the fairway is probably the number one concern I'll have going into the weekend.

Q.  So you're going to be a little bit more conservative then?
MATT KUCHAR:  No, the game plan has always been find fairways.  That's always my game plan.  So I'm sticking to the same, and just hoping to find a few more.

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