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September 20, 2012

Adam Scott


Q.  A great turn around?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I was playing fine, but obviously, you know, 5 and 6 are tough, and I made a couple bad swings and made bogies.  But I figured I'm playing fine.  I got my opportunities, and I got back hitting fairways and greens and had a few chances.  Could have made some more, really.  The game is good.  Good save on the last hole, so I'm happy about that.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
ADAM SCOTT:  Just short, just ran back down.  Just down the rough.

Q.  It's one of those situations too I feel like where you're not at your absolute best but you're still amongst it.
ADAM SCOTT:¬† Yeah, I mean, Geez, I played really lovely apart from a couple of swings on the front.¬† This is a tournament and the way the course is set up with four rounds in the 60's, it's going to go a long way this week.¬† That's one.¬† We've got three to go, and I'll be right there.¬† You saw last year 8‑under might have won.¬† It's a tough trek.

Q.  Are you going to get in a little bit of trouble?
ADAM SCOTT:  If I keep driving like I am, I could be in good shape.  I didn't drive it into that long stuff.  I missed a couple in the first cut, but the fairways are 15 yards wide, so it's not easy all the time.

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