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September 20, 2012

Scott Piercy


Q.  Tell us about your round today?
SCOTT PIERCY:¬† You know, I played solid.¬† I started off a little shaky, and ended up getting it going.¬† I made three birdies there on the back nine, which really kind of jump start‑‑ didn't jump start, but got it going into high gear.
17 and 18 are some good holes and I made par and kind of messed up on 18.  But overall, I'm excited to be here.  Thanks to Coke and Southern Company for putting this on.  I'm just really excited to be here.

Q.  Did you feel less pressure on you coming in this week ranked 30th?
SCOTT PIERCY:  Yeah, I mean, yeah, I feel like I probably couldn't win the FedExCup.  I need so much to go in my favor to do it.  But my thought was, you know, try to win this week, and get second, and I think that's a realistic goal.  If I play well, I think I have a good shot.

Q.  Do you know what you need for your scenarios this week?
SCOTT PIERCY:  Yeah, I saw it on the internet.  I think McIlroy has to finish 29th or worse, which as well as he's been playing, it looks like my chances are pretty slim.  And Tiger would have to finish outside the top 5, and there are too many good guys up there that I think just block me out, even if I win.

Q.  How big was it for you to just get to this week with all the things that come with it?
SCOTT PIERCY:  Yeah, going into the playoffs I thought I should be here.  I didn't play good the first two weeks and kind of snuck my way in.  It's definitely big for me to be here.  Probably the way I got in, I felt like I should be here rather than be excited to be here, does that make sense?
So I'm definitely excited to be here.  Getting the doors it opens, and just being part of 30 guys from the whole tour, I think it says a lot to where my game has come from, and hopefully going to.  I think it's just a stepping stone in the process.

Q.  I believe also Rory has to finish 30th for you to win.  29th you have a playoff?
SCOTT PIERCY:  I'll playoff with him (smiling).  Yeah, Rory's played so well, you should just give it to him.  He's so far ahead going into this week.
My chances are slim to none.  I think Slim's about to leave the building.  So even if I win, that's why I'm trying to take the positives.  If I win, I finish second.  It's still a million and a half for first place, and another $3 million for the FedEx, so I'll take $4.5 million.  That would be sweet.

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