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September 15, 2012

Karrie Webb


Q.  Eagle at 16 I'm sure helped the cause on the back nine, but are you happy to be six behind heading into tomorrow?
KARRIE WEBB:  I'm happy to be at 3‑under and I'm surprised to be six shots behind being at 3‑under.  But you know, I'm happy with the way I played and handled the golf course.
You know, it wasn't, when there was no wind today, I wasn't swinging as well as I would have liked.  When the conditions were tougher, it made me fight a little bit and get more creative and hit more golf shots rather than technically trying to play my way around the course.

Q.  Was it a surprise in the early part of the round to have such good condition?
KARRIE WEBB:  Yeah, I didn't think any of us thought we would be out there talking about‑‑ there was probably about two yards of breeze.  Yeah, it was nice, because I think tomorrow it's going to be pretty awful again.

Q.  When you look out there and see a 64 from Jiyai Shin, what do you think?
KARRIE WEBB:  Yeah, obviously it was an impressive round.  I don't really see 64 on the golf course.  Obviously she got off to a flyer which really set the tone to her round.

Q.  Heading into tomorrow, what is mind‑set?  Do you want bad weather?  Will that make the gap a little bit smaller between you and Jiyai?
KARRIE WEBB:  Yeah, I think a little bit of bad weather.  Obviously 36 holes to go, you have to remember, even though it's Sunday, there's 36 holes out there.  Just try to narrow the gap and see how it goes.

Q.  What was your reaction to the decision to cut it to Top‑50 and ties and play 36 holes in an effort to get it in on Sunday?  There was a worry they would not be able to do it because of the weather forecast.  What was your reaction?
KARRIE WEBB:  I don't know, I think‑‑ what is the right decision; you know, playing on Monday and maybe not even being able to get done.  I think anyone that finishes between 50 and 65 if they would have made the cut at 65 and ties, they would at least be getting paid and I think that's the right thing to do.
I don't know, it's a tough call.  Maybe if we're going to talk about hindsight, we shouldn't have double cut and rolled the greens yesterday.

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