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August 27, 2012

Mardy Fish


M. FISH/G. Soeda
7‑6, 7‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Does it help to have a little bit of not a walk in the park in the first round to get your juices flowing more quickly in this tournament?
MARDY FISH:  I mean, he's a good player, that guy.  He played really well in the beginning.  I mean, I served for the first and the second.  Normally I win those games and win those sets 6‑3 or 6‑4.  A couple loose points and he played a good point.
In the first set he broke me.  He played three good points out of the four that I lost.  So, I mean, you know, I don't think there's such a thing as that.  That guy's had a lot of good results this summer.  He beats good players.  So he's a good player.  There's no such thing for me.

Q.  Specifically what kind of shots did he have that gave you trouble?
MARDY FISH:  He's sort of an awkward player.  Hits the ball very flat.  He moves extremely well.  He's got a great backhand.  He's sort of got a quick motion on his serve.  His serve sort of stays low.  The courts are relatively quick so his ball stays low.
He's very tough from the baseline.  He likes pace.  So he returns well off my big first serves, if I try for those, especially off his backhand side.  He gave me a lot of trouble, obviously.

Q.  Rain delay affect you at all?
MARDY FISH:  It's just annoying.  You leave the hotel at 10:00 and you don't play till 6:00 or 7:00, whatever it was.  I mean, everyone's got to deal with it.
But, yeah, it's a little annoying.

Q.  Are you working with Mark Knowles here?  You guys in a lot of ways are peers.
MARDY FISH:  He's like 20 years older than me (laughter).  Just kidding.
No, he's helped me a ton.  Maybe none more evident than tonight when I lost my serve in both of those sets to serve it out and still was able to mentally focus back and realize that, you know, I haven't just lost the set, he's just gotten even in the set so there's still opportunities to win the set.
In times past maybe I would have struggled with that scenario, especially twice in a row.  And that's hard.  Any time you lose one of those two sets, you're in a dogfight.  I knew that if I did win that second set, that was going to be a big, big factor in the match.
I mean, that's a long way back for him after two hours of pretty physical tennis.  It's pretty humid out there.  Not necessarily the heat, but the humidity.  You could feel it.  It's pretty humid.  That was pretty physical.
So that was a long way back for him, so obviously felt good to win that.

Q.  How does having him as like an active player change how he is as a coach?
MARDY FISH:  Yeah, I mean, he does a great job.  It's a hard thing because usually for him‑‑ you know, he's got three kids and a wife obviously and he lives in Dallas and the Bahamas.
It's a tough thing, because if he's just there coaching it's definitely different for him.  If he's not in the tournament, he's usually home spending time with his family.
I always want to be accountable for everything that I can do and listen to everything that I can get from him because I don't want to waste his time, because he's obviously put a lot of time and energy and effort and sacrifice into my tennis.
So that part makes it better for my tennis for me for sure, because sometimes you don't think about that a lot; I certainly do.

Q.  You were talking about it being very humid out there tonight.  I know you said in the past you thrive in the humidity and heat.  How do you feel that gives you an advantage?
MARDY FISH:  Good conditions to play in.  I certainly feel like I have an advantage.  But guys are so fit nowadays, you know, sometimes it's just a mental thing over a physical thing.
But I do enjoy playing in that type of weather.  I usually try to request to play during the day so I can get some sort of factor out of it.
But today the heat really wasn't an issue, obviously just the humidity.  Both came through fine, I guess.

Q.  Davydenko?
MARDY FISH:  Is that who I play?

Q.  Yes.
MARDY FISH:  Yeah, last time we played last year Cincinnati.  I think it was 6‑0, 6‑2 for me.  But I've had some trouble with him in the past, too.  It's a tough draw.  I mean, he's capable of playing some high‑level tennis obviously, and still is.
I think he turned up a little bit bad with his shoulder last week in Cincinnati.  Obviously he's probably okay with that.  So health is probably not an issue.
He'll be tough.  Have to come up with something good for him.

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