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August 27, 2012

Ivan Dodig


I. DODIG/H. Moriya
6‑0, 6‑1, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Ivan, please.

Q.  You must be very happy with your performance today.
IVAN DODIG:  Yeah, I think I played very good today.  And I finished quite fast, which is great for me.  Looking forward to next match.

Q.  Andy was saying that conditions were tough out there; it was very humid.
IVAN DODIG:  Yeah, today was very tough to play.  For the players that are sweating a lot, it's not easy.
I mean, we are used to it.  I think for everyone is same, so...
It's tough, but we have to play.

Q.  You play Andy Murray now.  You've never played him before.  Good chance for you to play on a big court and maybe cause an upset?
IVAN DODIG:  Yeah, I mean, for me it's great.  I will be really, really happy to play on big court.  I have some experience with some other guys, but with him it's first time for me.
Of course I will try to go on the match to play my best tennis.  In the end, we will see how it's going to be.

Q.  What makes him so difficult to play?  I know you never played him before.  What are his big strengths?
IVAN DODIG:  I mean, he is the top player.  He's from all sides playing good.  With these guys, it's very tough.  You have to play over your limit.
We are all human being, but he has the chance on the court.  If you go with this concentration on the court that you can beat everyone, you have the chance.
Of course it's going to be tough, but I have to focus on my game and try to play my best on the court.

Q.  Where do you feel you might be able to trouble him?
IVAN DODIG:  Well, it's tough to say now, you know, but I have to see little bit, you know, like how he's playing.
I didn't watch him a lot.  But of course I have to be aggressive.  I have to risk a lot and hope that everything will go in the court.

Q.  You beat Rafa.  Is that the best win of your career?
IVAN DODIG:¬† Yeah, for me is the best win.¬† I had some experience with these top‑10 players.¬† I beat as well Tsonga on grass and Soderling.
So we will see.  I like to play these matches, and I hope Wednesday I will play as well good.

Q.  Your ranking has been falling this year.  Is there a particular reason for that?
IVAN DODIG:  Yeah, I was struggling like half year.  Had some problem in my back.  Finally now I'm again fit and I start to practice much better.
I hope the second part after US Open would be much better for me.  I hope my ranking going to be again what I want it to be.

Q.  Do the other players see Andy Murray differently now that he's won the Olympics or does it not compare to a Grand Slam?
IVAN DODIG:  No, I think is for me like these four players, everybody can beat everybody.  Of course with these Olympics he showed that he's ready for big things, so we will see.
Everybody exciting about him.

Q.  There's likely to be quite an atmosphere in the match.  Are you looking forward to playing on that kind of a stage?
IVAN DODIG:  Yeah, I mean, like I said, I had some nice experience against big guys.  Of course I'm looking forward to play this match.  Like I said, I will try to play my best.  That's only my target.

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