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August 27, 2012

Na Li


N. LI/H. Watson
6‑2, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You've got a nice little winning streak going now.  How are you feeling on court?
NA LI:  I mean, I really have to say I really happy I can win first match of these few years.  Last few years always lose first round.
So, yeah, I see the schedule, I say, Okay, you have to do for yourself.  You really have to win the first match, otherwise same like last year and now I have to pack, I have to go back to airport to fly back home.

Q.  What do you think it was about the last two years here that made it tough for you?
NA LI:  I don't know.  I would like to say maybe this year I just I was in the final Montreal, I win in Cincy, so I feeling I got a lot more confident.  Also I got new coach.  My physio always doing good job taking care my body so I can stay healthy on the court.
And new coach, yeah, I was happy I can working with him, because he's like ‑‑I was feeling more comfortable to working with him because he never give the pressure, you know.
So, yeah, I think my team doing great job.

Q.  Watson, it was back and forth a little bit.  You pulled away.  What were you trying to do going into this match trying to beat her?
NA LI:  At least I was 10 years older than her, so I got more experience on the court.  I mean, she's play very good, but sometimes I have to show her how good I am.
So maybe I was put little more pressure for her to ‑‑I mean, doesn't matter.  I was like 3‑1 down or 5‑3 up.  If she look me I always been there, so maybe a little bit tough for her.
I mean, I should used to that against all the young players because they just come to the tournament maybe they think, Oh, she's tough.
Also girls, they easy to give up in the mind.

Q.  How important was that win in Cincinnati in terms of building your confidence coming into this tournament where you have had first‑round struggles before?  How important was that win?
NA LI:  At least I win the title this year.  (Smiling.)
Because before I was like three times in the final but I always lose in three sets.  I was happy I can win in Cincy.  Nice time if I come to final again I can tell myself, Okay, you can do it.  Like before, Oh, come on, you always lose the final.  What happen?
Yeah, I really, also, like my team talk to me, say, Cincy is over.  So you go somewhere else, you have to looking forward to see what you should do in the US Open.

Q.  Do you like this part of the season, coming over to North America playing on the hard courts?  Is this generally...
NA LI:  I would like to say yes.  Yes, I don't know what happen, because last two years, I never win the one match in like Indian Wells, Miami, US Open.
But this year something just working.

Q.  What is that?  You said something's just working.  What is that?
NA LI:  I was feeling I hit the ball same.  But last two years didn't work.  Always go out of the court.  But this year, yeah.  Just in the court, over the net.  I got point.  (Smiling.)

Q.  You talked about showing your experience to the younger player and showing her how good you are.  Is that like a new sort of mindset for you since Carlos came here, or is it something you have always had?
NA LI:  No, I mean, I was working with Carlos in Cincy, so first time we had meeting he say, Listen tennis is not only if you do good job you can win the match.  It's not.  Because you never know what happened for your opponent.
So doesn't matter if you up or down.  You just keep going, you fight.  Maybe one day working or maybe beginning is tough, but it's as far you can see it.
So, yeah, until now I think I just follow what he say, just try to cool down on the court.

Q.  How was this last week working with him?  I know you only met him in Cincinnati.  How was it spending more time with him?
NA LI:  Until now not bad.  Yeah, still working.  (Smiling.)  Yeah.

Q.  Is there any one particular thing that you think has been most important for you, one lesson or something?
NA LI:  I mean, at least now he's come to my team, so we have team working together.

Q.  What do you think about the girl you're playing next?  I know you played her only a couple of times and it was a couple years ago.  What are you looking forward to in playing her?
NA LI:  I mean, I just finish the match.  I don't even know who is my next opponent.

Q.  Dellacqua, the Australian.
NA LI:  Okay.  So yeah, I think ‑‑I mean, this is really tough to answer, because I really didn't know who I should play in the next round.
Yeah.  Maybe just play same like today.

Q.  Do you remember playing her previously, Casey Dellacqua, a left‑hander?
NA LI:  I think long, long, long time ago.  How many years?  I really couldn't remember.  But I know these years both for sure is improve a lot.
Of course, even the Grand Slam, every match is tough match.  I have to be ready for every second.

Q.  Do you feel anything different in your game since you started working with Carlos?
NA LI:  Maybe a little bit change; maybe not.

Q.  What changed?
NA LI:  I say maybe change; maybe not.  (Laughter.)
Q.Families sometimes can be very, very tricky.  What was the hardest part day in, day out of having your husband as your coach?
NA LI:  Yeah.  I mean, after I got new coach I think for both me and my husband I think much, much easier.  Love is love; coach is coach.  You have to separate.
You know, I mean, after I change the coach, didn't say my husband didn't do a good job.  I think he's still doing good job.  But for both sometimes it's too much, you know.  Like it's really tough to find a balance between coaching and husband.

Q.  So maybe for other players not a good idea?
NA LI:  No.  I mean, other may be different, but for me it's very tough.

Q.  If I could ask, what was your view about the Olympics and China's performance?  I imagine you saw some of it when you were there.  Could you talk about China in the Olympics for a moment, please.
NA LI:  China Olympics doing good.  Second, right?  It's not bad.
So, yeah, keep going.  Try to be first next time.  (Smiling).

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