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September 5, 2012

Roger Federer


T. BERDYCH/R. Federer
7‑6, 6‑4, 3‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Usually like to serve first when you win the coin toss.  Today you choose the side.  Why?
ROGER FEDERER:  Well, if you follow me the whole time, it depends on the conditions and who I play.  Recently I have done that quite often, pick the side, and it worked well for me.
It did work well for me in the beginning.  I was up a break.  It was the right decision, so I don't regret that one.

Q.  What do you attribute the loss to tonight?  Was it Tomas just outplayed you?  You think you maybe came in maybe a little flat?  Maybe it was because of the schedule being off and so forth?
ROGER FEDERER:  Yeah, I mean, I don't think the schedule was a problem for me.  I mean, I should come in here with tons of energy and ready to go.  Who knows, you know, if you get that day, that match in with Fish, come through with more confidence, maybe the first three matches didn't quite give me that.  Who knows?
I don't put that down as a negative, really.  Yeah, I just didn't come up with the goods tonight.  It was unfortunate.

Q.  I never see Berdych playing so well as when he plays with you.  Do you think there is a reason?  Against you he plays his best.
ROGER FEDERER:  Well, I don't know.  Maybe it's a good matchup for him.  I don't see him play every match he plays on tour.  That's why I can't really answer that question.

Q.  Incredible power that he hit the ball with tonight, do you think that was just a question of him overpowering you or did you give him maybe some shots that he was able to launch yourself into?
ROGER FEDERER:  I'm sure it was a combination of many things.  I mean, obviously I rarely go through matches where I have no chances, you know.
So obviously I missed some tonight again, but that's normal.  When you end up losing at the end, you know, you always hope that you made every chance you had.  It's just not possible.
He probably created more than I did, and that's why he ended up winning tonight.
The power is not really the issue here.  I don't think that was a problem for me.  The problem was elsewhere.

Q.  Could you just describe the mood or the feeling that you have right now?
ROGER FEDERER:  I'm disappointed, you know.  I really expect myself to play better tonight.  Especially at night I have had such a great record.
I don't know.  I felt good, you know.  Such an amazing summer I had.  I really thought I was going to come out and play a solid match.  I didn't do that tonight.  Obviously there is a bit of a letdown now.

Q.  How would you describe the level of Tomas' play and what your thoughts are about him moving forward?
ROGER FEDERER:  Yeah, I mean, obviously he's got a good chance.  I think if he plays well and serves well and makes the right decisions before and during the match against Murray, obviously he's got a chance.  He's beaten him before.
Then again, it's going to depend on the conditions, day or night.  Obviously it's going to be day session, but you never know with the rain now.  So it's an interesting matchup, for sure.

Q.  Do you think maybe the four days off kind of maybe made you a little rusty with the forehand early on?
ROGER FEDERER:  (Shrugging.)  I don't know.  I hope not.  I have been there before.  Once I had six‑and‑a‑half days off and I ended up winning Wimbledon.  I don't think this was the issue tonight.

Q.  When you won the third set did you feel like the momentum was with you?
ROGER FEDERER:  Yeah, for a little bit.  I still was down two sets to one, so I wasn't celebrating too much.
It was good.  The momentum switch no doubt gave me a chance, put the score back to zero, put him further away from winning, and made the match go longer, make it more physical, more mental.
Yeah, so obviously I was excited winning the third, but the problem was the first couple of sets ‑ particularly the first one.

Q.  When you feel the crowd in the third set going so much behind you, do you feel that was an extra pressure on him and maybe the moment was a key moment, or is the first set the key moment of this match?
ROGER FEDERER:  The first?

Q.  Yeah.  Is the first set the key moment, or is the fourth set when you...
ROGER FEDERER:  Well, the fourth set all of a sudden ended quickly.  He played good the last couple of points on my serve I think at 30‑All.  But that's always a danger with Tomas if you're down in the score and he can take some chances.  He's obviously a shot‑maker, so, yeah, it's dangerous.
I should never lose the first set.  But anyway, it happens.  Move on.

Q.  There is still a lot of tennis to go this year, and you had a stunning fall season last year.  The slams and Olympics are over.  Could you just assess, describe the year for you?  Obviously you felt it was pretty darn good.
ROGER FEDERER:  Yeah, I mean, I'd love to talk to you about that forever, but the season is not over yet.  Like you said, it's ongoing.  Yeah, I mean, I said a hundred times that's been amazing.  Back to world No. 1; won Wimbledon.  I could not have asked for more.  I got also a medal for Switzerland.  I could not be more proud.
Obviously don't need to talk too much about that.  I lost the match.  That's what I think about it right now.

Q.  If there were differences in the match ‑ you mentioned the word "regret" before ‑ do you have any regrets about this match?  Would you play it differently in different parts in any way?
ROGER FEDERER:  Well, I mean, in terms of that I tried I don't have any regrets there.  That's been long gone.  Regrets were early in my days.  I was trying to come through and I couldn't figure out how to always be in great shape, always be in a good mood to play, always ready to practice, all that stuff.
So I had regrets from way back when, but I think I made up for that.  Today I always know I'm going to put in the best fight.  I did that tonight again with what I had.
Obviously I wish I could have played better, you know.  So many moments I thought, Man, it's just not happening for me.  It was just a very disappointing match for me.

Q.  Would finishing world No. 1 end of the year still be the ultimate achievement for you, do you think?
ROGER FEDERER:  Well, yeah, I've got to go back to the drawing board from here and see what's really the priority, if that's a priority for the end of the year.
So I don't know right now.  I mean, the goal has been achieved, but now this is disappointing for me.  We'll see where I go from now and if I go to Davis Cup or not, about what's to come for the remainder for the season.
That obviously then ‑‑ No. 1 has another a role to play, but this obviously is a setback.  But again, season is not over.  I hope to finish strong at the end, and particularly in the indoor season then.

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