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September 6, 2012

Ekaterina Makarova

Bruno Soares


6‑7, 6‑1, 12‑10

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ How you both are feeling right now?
BRUNO SOARES:テつ I'm very, very happy.テつ Katia?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつテつ Me, too.テつ I have,テつ I don't know, have something different feeling.テつ (Laughter.)
BRUNO SOARES:テつ Best feeling.テつ It's good.

Q.テつ Can you tell us a little bit more about how you two ended up actually been playing together at the tournament this time?
BRUNO SOARES:テつ We played twice, couple times.テつ We know each other.テつ I was actually sad to play with Gajdosova, Australian girl, that I have been playing with her.
Katia actually asked me and I was sad.テつ I told her that unfortunately I couldn't do it and she decide not to play.
But couple minutes before the sign‑in, I thought I was out with Gajdosova, and I started like being for Katia, because with her I would be in.
Five minutes to go, I'm here in the referee's office and I find out Katia is practicing in the park.
So I had to run ‑‑actually, my coach did that.テつ He went running all the way over there and talked to her and called me like 30 seconds to go and said, You can sign.
So very last minute, 11:59, I signed us in.テつ I guess it work out.

Q.テつ You seemed much more relaxed on court than Bruno.テつ The end of the first set seemed a little bit nervous, and also at the match tiebreak.テつ You hold things much better than him.テつ Did you feel that?
BRUNO SOARES:テつ The whole tournament.
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Actually, no, I didn't feel that.テつ I think I was more nervous than Bruno in this match, for sure.
The tiebreak first set and the final tiebreak, I don't know, maybe I seem like too good, but inside I was really nervous.テつ Like when it was 8‑4 for sure I started to be tight.

Q.テつ Did you expect that you can win such hard player as won Raymond who had brothers Bryan?
BRUNO SOARES:テつ Yeah, we knew we were pretty good team.テつ When we saw the draw, they made very tough for us.テつ We didn't know really what to expect against Mike and Lisa Raymond.
Katia played them at Wimbledon.テつ It wasn't that good, but it was grass.テつ It was different surface.テつ We just came to play, tried to do our best.
After the first match we played really good, and we talked to each other and said, If we keep playing like this, for sure we're going to have a chance to win the title.
That's what happened.テつ We had an amazing second round, and after that we knew it was just a matter of keep playing good.テつ We knew we were gonna have a chance.

Q.テつ Bruno, what's her best shots, the best things she has on court?
BRUNO SOARES:テつ Well, I think, I mean, overall she's very solid.テつ She serves well; she's lefty; she's got good hands; good volleys.
But in mixed, one thing that really helps us is because she returns really well.テつ So I think we managed to keep putting pressure even when the guy is serving.テつ That's very important in mixed.
I mean, give us more room to work on our serve because we don't serve that big.テつ I'm not a huge server, so I have to work a lot on my serve, as well, and Katia, too.
So when we're returning good I think it adds a lot to our service game.テつ That's for me the best thing because she keep putting pressure, I move forward the net, and that works well for both of us.

Q.テつ Same question for you, too.
BRUNO SOARES:テつ What do I do good?
EKATERINA MAKAROVA:テつ Volleys, it's definitely volleys.テつ Because I just returning, and then Bruno did everything else, like close all the court.テつ (Laughter.)
So I think in mixed for sure, like moving when the guy is moving really good and volleys.テつ I'm like I'm just standing there on the baseline.テつ (Laughter.)

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