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September 6, 2012

Graham DeLaet


Q.  Fantastic start.  Let's start with the eagle putt on the 9th hole, 38 feet.  That was terrific.
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Yeah, that was a nice way to finish for sure.  I mean, nonetheless I had a good round, I was kind of looking for a birdie there, but that was a bonus for sure.

Q.  Obviously you're getting used to the long putter?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Yeah, today I made a lot of putts.  It's kind of funny actually because the one that I am using I actually purchased.  I bought it in a golf store in Boise a few weeks back.  It still had the price tag on it.  Some guys were making fun of me, but it's been working so I'm not taking it off.

Q.  Could you have gone lower today?
GRAHAM DeLAET:¬† I guess you always can, but I made some good par saves on my back nine to really keep the momentum going.¬† I was definitely satisfied shooting 8‑under par.

Q.  You really have a hot hand right now.
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Yeah, obviously I missed the cut last week in Boston, but I think it was almost a good thing kind of in the end because I got here a little bit earlier, had time to relax, and it was a quite turnaround for a lot of these guys getting in Monday night and that kind of thing, so I feel a lot more fresh than probably half the guys do in the field, and I'm just going to try to roll with it.

Q.  You began the week 106.  Did you think you would be in this position right here today?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  I was just hoping to, especially going into Sunday's round at Barclays, I was just hoping to play Boston, and I was able to put a nice round together there and it kind of catapulted me up.  At that time I started thinking I've got a chance still to make the TOUR Championship.  It was a nice day out there today.

Q.  What did you do at the 9th?
GRAHAM DeLAET:¬† It was really just a perfect number.¬† I think it was 228, perfect 4‑iron.¬† I was just trying to work it in a little bit, didn't get quite as much draw as I wanted, but it was pin high and I was just trying to make 4 from there.¬† Kind of a slick putt, and halfway there it was looking pretty good, and it was a bonus to make one of those.

Q.¬† Now that you are in this position tied at 8‑under par, are you thinking ahead or are you trying to dial it back?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  I guess more so just thinking about what's going on here the rest of this week.  Coming into the Playoffs, even coming into the year, I was just hoping to make the Playoffs, coming off an injury and all that, and I just feel like it's kind of a bonus, and I'm just going to try to roll with it here the next couple weeks.

Q.  A couple of the workers were saying you were like the first guy on the course out here this week, that you were out here really early Tuesday morning or something like that.  Does that sound right to you?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Yeah, actually Monday when everyone else was still playing their final round in Boston, I missed the cut, so I came out and came down here Sunday night and was able to get out here Monday.  I was the only guy on the golf course, and it was kind of an eerie feeling.  I think looking back on it, it kept me fresh going into this week because everyone else finished on Monday, it was a quite turnaround, Monday night flight, and right back into another week of golf here.  I obviously would have liked to have made the cut last week, but I think it worked out a little bit in my benefit, as well.

Q.  Did you learn anything that you think helped you out there today?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Not really.  We treated it just like any other practice round, trying to find the lines off the tees obviously, and the rough out here is pretty crazy at some times.  You're obviously trying to find the best places to lay up and hit wedges in, and I was able to do that a couple times today, saved some pars on my back nine.  I think that we did a good job, my caddie and I, and hopefully just kind of keep it going here the rest of the week.

Q.  I understand it was playing long out there today.
GRAHAM DeLAET:¬† Well, it's just so soft.¬† You get the 70 best players on TOUR and you give them soft conditions, you fly a 4‑iron in, it's pretty much stopping dead.¬† Guys are going to take advantage of that.

Q.  Can you talk about the 18th?  That was an amazing way to finish.
GRAHAM DeLAET:¬† Yeah, for sure.¬† I hit a good tee shot there and I had a really good number.¬† It was pretty much a perfect 4‑iron.¬† I was thinking 4 the whole time, and it was a bonus to make that putt.¬† Halfway there I thought it had a chance, and nice way to finish.

Q.  Have you been using that style of putter a long time?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  No, this is about the fourth or fifth week I've been using the long putter.  I used it in the past kind of off and on, so I don't feel completely helpless with it.

Q.  So it wasn't a total switch going to it?
GRAHAM DeLAET:¬† Right, and I had won in college and on mini‑Tours so I knew it would hold up under pressure, and I needed a change more than anything.¬† I just hadn't been making any putts.¬† It's been good so far.

Q.  How much was it?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  I think it was 150 bucks.  Price tag is still on it.

Q.  Where did you buy it?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Wide World of Golf in Boise, Idaho.

Q.  We've got some pretty good names right up there.  What's it going to take to come back tomorrow and fend those guys off?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Yeah, I mean, just pretty much the same thing.  I know if the course stays this soft, you're going to have to keep shooting low numbers.  That's the thing, you've got to always be in attack mode when golf courses are playing like this.  It's a good start, but that's all it was was a start, and I've still got 54 holes to play.

Q.  Is it weird at all that you and David are the only Canadians in the Playoffs, both outside the top 100 and you guys are playing together in the third one?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Yeah, it's pretty awesome of the David is a good friend of mine, our wives are good friends, we hang out off the course, too.  So it's a nice pairing for us.  He played solid today, too.  I'm sure he would have liked to be a couple lower, but I think we're comfortable together, and with Troy, too, he's a nice guy to play with.  It was a good group.

Q.  Canadian golf is not dead then?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  No, that's right.  There's a lot of guys playing well on the Nationwide Tour and that kind of thing, too.  Hopefully more and more kids are taking it up, and if we can kind of carry the flag for them, we're happy to do that.

Q.  You live in Boise now?

Q.  Why don't you move to Florida or warmer weather climates?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Well, I grew up in Canada, so Boise is pretty mild compared to what I grew up with.  I spend a lot of winters down in Phoenix as it is, but we just love it there.  It's kind of a hidden gem, and we like to keep it that way.

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