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September 3, 2012

Tiger Woods


Q.  Your putt on 18 when it was halfway there, did you think it was in?
TIGER WOODS:  I hit my spot.  I hit my spot.  For a putt that long, it was a triple breaking putt.  It went right early, left, and then right late.  I hit my spot.  Unfortunately I didn't read it going that much to the right.

Q.  You talked about the course being very gettable.  You got after it on the front nine.  What about the back nine?  Was it just not there?
TIGER WOODS:¬† No, the pins were accessible.¬† I had a bunch of looks at it from the fairway and just didn't hit it close enough.¬† I wanted to really give myself a good look at it at 17 and I missed that one.¬† It was definitely gettable.¬† Look at the scores today. ¬†Everyone seemed like they shot 3‑, 4‑, 5‑, 6‑under par today.

Q.  Four rounds in the 60s, can you comment on that?
TIGER WOODS:¬† After the first day, we figured it was going to be pretty low.¬† It was going to be 16 or so, that's what we filled, and it ended up being more than that because it was soft.¬† The greens never really sped up, so we were able to be aggressive all week.¬† With it a little bit cooler and less humidity, the fairways dried out, and we had some serious chase out there.¬† We were able to get the ball and just about everybody down there where we had 9‑iron down on every hole.

Q.  Did you have a number in mind today that you wanted to reach?
TIGER WOODS:  I wanted to get to 20.  I figured if I got to 20 with one hole to go, give myself an option to go to 21 or 22, I thought that might have a chance.  I figured those guys would probably get to 22 or somewhere around there, give myself a shot going into the last hole with a chance to make a playoff.

Q.  Career money, is that a milestone that matters to you?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, I just think the purse increase helps.  I've won fewer tournaments than Sam Snead has.  Obviously he was in a different era.  It's just that we happened to time it up right and happened to play well when the purses really had a nice spike up.  It was nice to have a nice start to my career, and I won some majors early.  I think we got some interest in the game of golf.  A lot more youth, that's for sure.

Q.  16 when you backed off, was that wind or was that something in the crowd?
TIGER WOODS:  It was in the crowd, something got me a little bit.  They were great all week.  A couple times we had a few things that were said that probably shouldn't have been said.  But overall it was just a fantastic week.

Q.  Is it there are so many people in one area that you have to maybe take a few more moments over a shot?
TIGER WOODS:¬† That, and all those tents are there, so people have been there for a while having libations.¬† It gets‑‑ I've played here for 10 years now, and it's been like that.

Q.  A real strong tournament for you, just unable to get any momentum on the back nine?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, I certainly had my looks.  I drove it really well on the back nine and just didn't hit it close enough at all.  The only one I stuffed there was at 17, I missed that one.  The goal was to at least get to 20 playing the last hole and give myself an option to go 21 or 22.  I thought that might be good enough to get into a playoff.

Q.  Building momentum for these FedExCup Playoffs seems to be building the momentum right along with it?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, my game is starting to come around.  I'm pleased with the progress I made this week and really pleased with the way I rolled it.  I hit so many good putts all week long, so that's a positive.

Q.  Short game was really sharp, too.  You've got to be really happy.
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, my short game has felt really good this entire summer, so I'm very pleased that's come around.  I've done some good work at home, and it's starting to pay off.

Q.  Have you been to Crooked Stick before?  Did you watch John Daly win there?
TIGER WOODS:  I remember him winning, I remember watching, but I've never been, no, so this will be different.  I know they've lengthened it again, shocker, so we'll see, and then also all the rain they got from the last hurricane.  It'll be soft and really long.

Q.  Really quick turnaround for you.  When will you go up there?
TIGER WOODS:  Same time as you.

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