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September 3, 2012

Louis Oosthuizen


DOUG MILNE:  Louis Oosthuizen, we'd like to welcome you to the interview room here at the Deutsche Bank Championship.  A great week.  You didn't come away with the victory but you've got to take away a lot from your week.  Just some comments on the week.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, it was a good week.  I played well.  Didn't start well today, which made the back nine really tough.  But all in all, I'm very happy with the week.  There's two more big events left, and I'm very happy with the way I'm hitting the ball going into those tournaments.

Q.  Just wanted to ask you about the swing on 5.  Looked like it didn't feel very good, struggled for probably an hour or so?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, that was the first time I felt the shoulder, just after impact, and then 6, 7 the same, on 9 again.  It was just on the drive all the time.  It sort of eased off going on the back nine.  Going down 12, I didn't feel it at all, and probably a bit of adrenaline that helped going down the final holes there.  I didn't feel it.
So yeah, that was a poor tee shot, but all in all, I probably made all my putts yesterday, didn't make any today.

Q.  What exactly is the pain, and what was hurting?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† It's a bit of a‑‑ well, I'm going to try and remember the word, it was a pec minor muscle, and today I felt it a bit more up towards the neck.¬† It's probably just everything a bit in spasm, and should be okay going on Thursday again.

Q.  So that's what they told you in the physio trailer, that it was a pectoral muscle?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, that's what my physio told me.  But nothing to worry about.  It was strange because it was just on that shot, and then I started thinking about it and felt it a little bit and on the back nine again nothing.  I'll have a good look at it in the next two days, but I'm not worried about it.

Q.  Can you talk about the putts on the last two holes?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† Yeah.¬† The 17th hole cost me.¬† I mean, middle of the fairway, 140 yards pin.¬† I was‑‑ my target was inside the right edge of the green and the pin, and I hit it exactly where I wanted to, and I just got the wind completely wrong.¬† Me and my caddie were pretty sure that the wind was in off the right according to the what the tee shot was, and it was actually a bit off the left.¬† I hit a good shot, and then just hit a poor chip.
Hit a pretty decent putt where I wanted to, misread it.
And on 18, you could hear all the commentators in the crowd saying what the putt is doing, so after putting that aside and just reading the putt properly, standing over it, you know, I wanted to hit more than I read, but even if I putted where I read it, it doesn't do that much, which is amazing.  If I go and hit that putt again, I'd probably miss it on exactly the same side.

Q.  You may have just answered this, but if I could give you a shot back today, where would you take it?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† Probably the second on 17.¬† I felt I hung in there pretty well on the back nine, made two nice putts on 13 and 15 for birdies.¬† You know, the second on 17 I think it would have‑‑ I think Rory's putt would have put way more pressure on it if I would have had 4 or maybe a 3.¬† I needed to give myself a birdie putt on 17.

Q.  What was the distance and the club on 17?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† It was 140 yards pin, and it was just a soft 9‑iron.¬† But like I said, I hit a pretty good shot, just got the wind completely wrong.

Q.  Just how tough is it to back up a 63, especially in the final round?  I assume that's fairly tough to do?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† Yeah, I wasn't really thinking about that.¬† It was tough because‑‑ especially with the way I played the front nine yesterday.¬† Shooting 1‑over today felt like I shot a 47 (laughing) compared to yesterday's one.¬† But after the double, I still hit good shots and hit good putts, but I didn't make any putts today.¬† I made two good ones, 13 and 15, but I needed to put myself in a better position early on.

Q.  Watching you come off the golf course, you were smiling and hugging your little girl.  It seems like sometimes it takes guys a while to get over a loss.  Is it something with you're happy with where you're at right now with your game?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, I felt like I hung in there the back nine.  Rory at a stage was three shots ahead of me, and I felt like I did good to put myself within one, two holes to go.  A bit disappointed in the bogey on 17, but all in all, second for the week, I played really well.
Rory really played so well the front nine.  He made a lot of birdies and was pushing.  He's a great player.

Q.  He put pressure on from the start there.  What's your overall impressions of his game and what he was able to accomplish today?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† Well, I mean, he's not world No.1 for nothing.¬† He's a great young talent, a lot of majors left for him to win.¬† You know, he's such a cool kid or‑‑ cool guy on the course.¬† It's great playing with him.¬† I mean, he hits shots sometimes‑‑ he makes tough shots look really easy sometimes, especially long irons.¬† He did well today.
I don't think the back nine he hit that ball that great after what he did on the front nine, but he did what he had to do.

Q.  If you birdie No.18 you're in a playoff.  Going back to the second shot, how far you had and what happened on that shot?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† Yeah, it was right in between a big 6‑iron for me.¬† The reason I didn't go with a 6‑iron, I probably had to hit it with a draw in there, where that pin was was not an option.¬† I went with a 5‑iron, just drifting it in a little left to right.¬† An awful lie.¬† When the ball is under my feet, sometimes I hit that shot that goes quite a bit right, and I did it today on 18.¬† But if I had to do it over, I'll take the shot on again.¬† I think it was a matter of if I hit it middle of the green Rory would have probably stuck his in a bit closer.¬† I needed to give myself an eagle opportunity for a playoff, and that's what I thought I needed to do.

Q.  The TV guys were a little bit critical of your third shot on 17, surprised that you played it that high.  Was the lie not very good?  Did you have a chance to play it lower?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† That was not the intention of the shot.¬† The ball was lying‑‑ I was scared of grounding my club behind it because it looked like it laid really high up, and as it got in the rough, the club just bounced.¬† It was a little bit firmer than I expected under the ball and it just bounced, and it happens.¬† I probably wanted to just pitch it on the green, just release it down there.¬† I took a big swing because I thought it was quite soft underneath it, and it wasn't.¬† You get those ones sometimes.

Q.¬† When you reach that ball are you expecting to get up‑and‑down from that spot?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, it was a good lie, it was lying up.  I was never thinking of it coming out that way.  It was just I played it like a little bunker shot, which we practice quite a bit.  I was actually having a good look at the line because I knew if I get it right, I can almost make it, feeding all the way down towards the hole.

Q.  I think you moved into the top 5 in FedExCup points.  How cognizant are you of that, and obviously very important going into BMW in that kind of position.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, it's a great spot for the next two tournaments.  I'm more happy that I'm playing really well and I've got the game back the way I want it to be.  It'll be great going into the next weekend in the finals.  Should be good fun.

Q.  We had a little fun out there by the 9th tee with one of the fans who evidently thought he resembled you.  In fact you gave him a thumbs up.  Did he resemble you in your opinion?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  My caddie said he looked just like me, so I don't know.
DOUG MILNE:  Louis, congratulations on a great week, and best of luck next week.

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