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September 2, 2012

Bryce Molder


Q.テつ Talk about finishing on a Monday.
BRYCE MOLDER:テつ Well, I'm excited.テつ I don't know what golf course Louis was playing out there.テつ That's pretty good.テつ I felt like I left a few out there, but you always feel like that, so I feel good.

Q.テつ You're not the only one.テつ Myself included and quite a few players have said the exact same thing.テつ How about that stretch he had on in a front nine and then also birdieing 10.
BRYCE MOLDER:テつ That's what's funny, I never saw what he did, I just remember looking up and going, wait a minute, that's‑‑ I'm like eight or 10 back.テつ I thought I'm playing pretty well.テつ What did he shoot on the front?

Q.テつ Just 29.
BRYCE MOLDER:テつ Well, the front nine is easy (laughing).テつ No, that's pretty incredible.

Q.テつ Does that help you as a player knowing that guys are making some birdies and knowing you've got to attack a little bit more?
BRYCE MOLDER:テつ A little bit.テつ I felt like that yesterday or even the first day.テつ I teed off in the afternoon and there was already a couple 7s at the start.テつ So you kind of know, all right, it is out there, so you not necessarily go and play defensive to offensive you've got to take your chances when you get them, but you do know we've got to make some birdies and go catch them.

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