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September 1, 2012

Sean O'Hair


SEAN O'HAIR:  I felt like I've been playing some pretty nice golf as of late, and it's just the putter is just holding me back.  Seven three‑putts last week, two three‑putts today, and it's just‑‑ I think I've missed, I don't know, three or four putts inside three feet this week.  It's not that I have the yips, I just don't feel good over the putter.  I've got to change something.
But as far as the rest of the game, I feel great.  I'm striking it beautifully.  If I can just get it going with the putter, I could contend in some events.
I'm just struggling to make cuts.

Q.  So you're in the fairway on 18.  Do you know what you need to do?
SEAN O'HAIR:  Yeah, yeah.

Q.  What are you thinking?  What's the distance?  What's the club?
SEAN O'HAIR:  To be honest with you, after I three‑putted on 17, I thought I was pretty much done because I know how hard this approach shot is.  Obviously you want to give yourself a chance, but I knew the chance wasn't very big.
When I got up to the ball, I was just kind of cussing myself a little bit because I had a pretty thin lie there, and it wasn't the best of lies.  The farther you get down the fairway, the thinner the lie gets.  And I just‑‑ I was hoping the wind was‑‑ it was a little much club for the wind, so I just had to open up to it and kind of hit a big old cut in there, and it ended up working out for me.  Just one of those things, kind of a Hail Mary kind of situation.

Q.  What was your distance?  What did you pull?
SEAN O'HAIR:  I was 200 front, 207 pin, and hit a 4‑iron.  You know, just was a little much.  The wind was in my face a little bit and a little off the right, so I just wanted to try and take as much off of it as you can, which obviously helps me hold the green a little better.

Q.  How testing was that last putt?
SEAN O'HAIR:  It was testing.  I damn near missed the thing.  It just kind of snowballed into‑‑ I felt like I was putting great at the beginning of the year, struggled with my ball‑striking, and then the last half of the year I've felt like I've hit the ball quite well, and just the putter has kind of left me.  Each week it feels like the more I work on it, the worse it gets.
You know, I've tried everything.  Today I changed up my routine the first nine holes.  I didn't even take practice strokes, I just got into it and hit it.  That didn't work too well for me.  I've got to figure something out on the putting green.

Q.  So this gives you a chance maybe to move on.
SEAN O'HAIR:  Yeah, I've got to play pretty solid.  I've got to finish at least top 25 I'm thinking, if not better.  Probably a little bit better.  And I've got to go low.  I guess the nice thing is the pressure is off.  I can just kind of free‑wheel it and try and go as low as I can because mediocre golf this weekend is not going to get me anywhere.

Q.  Will you do anything different tomorrow with the putter?
SEAN O'HAIR:  You know, I'll tell you, I have no idea to be honest with you.  I have no clue, so I'm going to go on the putting green and try and figure it out.

Q.  How patient have you had to be playing at a high level out here and now trying to get to that level?
SEAN O'HAIR:  You know, it's very frustrating when you feel like your game is in a situation where you can compete but you can't because something else is holding you back.  Obviously putting is the most important part of this game, and I'm not doing a very good job of it.  And like I said, I feel like everything is right there, and it's a nice opportunity, but I'm not taking advantage of it.  In a way, it's frustrating, but you've just got to keep grinding away and hopefully it'll work out.

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