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August 26, 2012

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  I can't believe these two putts on 17 and 18 missed, great putts, I don't know how they didn't break and go in, which would put me second place, you know.  So it proves if you finish second, you can still win.  And that's what's given me some heart this week is the fact that I know I can now win.  I was losing that heart a wee bit.  So I can still win out here and that's all I want to do, just win once; you'll never see me again.  (Laughter).
God forbid; what the hell would you do.

Q.  Just retire. 
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  We'll go together.  (Laughter).
What else?¬† I played okay.¬† I was 1‑over after six.¬† Birdied 9 and 11 and bogeyed 13 and birdied 14, 15, 16 and then finished‑‑ I don't know how 17 and 18 didn't go in, two 10‑footers, perfect putts that didn't go in.

Q.  Does your playing partner have a case to state?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  A few people, Björn does, Nicolas Colsaerts does, he does.  Depends how Olazábal thinks and how he feels the team has shaped up and how he's going to think about pairings almost.  That's his position right now, nothing to do with me thank God.

Q.  Do you have a wistful feeling about two years ago?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  Very different time.  It's supposed to be a celebration of picking The Ryder Cup Team, but it was very different.  Turned out about who wasn't on the team than who was and that was a shame really.  Let's hope tomorrow is more positive in that way and let's hope tomorrow is about picking the team.  I'm sure he'll pick the right players, whoever he picks, and more positive than it was last year in saying who is in the team and who is not.

Q.  Everyone is saying Poulter is a given.  Can you just give an assessment of why he would be such a huge asset to José Maria?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:¬† Huge asset to any team.¬† I said at the end of play two years ago, if Poulter was 50th on the list, you would pick him; the confidence of the guy, and that's what any captain wants is a team full of confidence.¬† Whether it's self‑confidence or self‑belief or whatever it is, he believes it.¬† For him to say on the range, I will deliver a point, was okay, fine.¬† By God, did he deliver, and he played out of his skin.¬† The passion of the guy, and if there's only one person to pick, he's the pick, no question.
The second pick is slightly more difficult whether it's going to be Bj√∂rn or Colsaerts, or Cabrera‑Bello who I played with today, or one of these sort of guys.¬† Depends who he wants to feel about shaping up the team and partnerships and foursomes and four‑balls and all of the sort of stuff that goes on in the team room.
If he wants experience, he goes with Björn.  If he wants to take more of a risk, he goes with the rookie, he takes Colsaerts, really, and that seems to be the way he's going, but he'll make the right decision.  He has as much experience as I do in The Ryder Cup, and he'll make the right decision tomorrow morning.

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