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December 13, 2002

Tim Clark

Rory Sabbatini


RODDY WILLIAMS: Tim, Rory, very well played today. You are defending your title very well. First off, how important is it to make a good defense for the title?

TIM CLARK: Obviously we didn't play last year, unfortunately. We would be a lot more comfortable in this position. We felt start of the week we had a good chance. We've played a lot of this sort of format together as junior players. That's a long time ago, obviously. We have both been playing quite nicely this week and obviously the scores show that.

RORY SABBATINI: Well, I'm sure because Ernie and Retief aren't here that people were expecting us not to do so well, because, hey, we are not the Top-10 players in the world here. In all respect, Tim and I have been playing golf since we were eight years old. We know each other's game and we've known each other a long time. As he said we've played this format plenty of times together, so we are very familiar with it.

So we are both playing relatively well and we make our mistakes up there, but our combination together is pretty good. We definitely do have a chance.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Are you surprised that it's the two of you representing South Africa, rather than Ernie and Retief?

TIM CLARK: In a way, but they have obviously had very long seasons and like anyone, they need some time off. With that respect, I give the guys some credit, they have played a lot of golf and it's a long way to come. I guess they really haven't had that much time off. I'm pretty happy they are not playing. It let's me be here.

Hopefully if we put up a good showing, they won't dump us next year and give us another chance.

RORY SABBATINI: Well, I know Ernie is at home, he's just had a baby boy, so I hope everything went well there.

As Tim said, it's great for us to be here and be able to represent South Africa. We just want to put our best out there, so we're trying.

Q. South Africa has been doing well in other sports, and now the country is becoming better in golf, does that put any pressure on you guys?

RORY SABBATINI: I would say that South Africa has been doing well in golf for a long time. They have always had a very strong junior program. I would say it's more in the recent past that a lot more players have been going overseas and playing on international tours, as opposed to just staying home and playing in South Africa. If you're come coming from South Africa over to the U.S. to play golf, it's pretty expensive, with the travel costs and everything like that. Unless you kind of have established yourself coming off the South African Tour, you really don't provide yourself the financial stability to come and play over here.

I would not say that it's recently we have started to come through. We've always been there. I would say it's more so that there's more players going into the international marketplace.

Q. Does the fact that you did could come in with not a lot of fanfare, sort of low-key, does that tend to maybe make it a little easier to avoid -- if you don't play well, they are going to say, well, Ernie and Retief weren't here; does that make the pressure a little less, the fact that you guys are not expected to play well?

TIM CLARK: Not really. For us, this is just another golf tournament. We played 30 a year. The other hoopla around it really makes no difference. We are here to play our own game and play as well as we can. Obviously if we are playing well we are going to compete.

We looked at the teams and felt we had a very good chance. But, no, certainly no added pressure. Really, it is another golf tournament, and it's kind of easier having a partner. It takes a lot of the pressure off. Obviously you're working together and your mistakes aren't quite as magnified, especially in the better-ball format. It really makes it a little bit easier for us.

RORY SABBATINI: I know Timmy and I both have our own expectations of the game, so it's not like we are coming in here going, well, we are second best. We are coming in here and we have our expectations of how we can play and we both know that on any given day, we can beat anybody in the world. It's basically up to us to push ourselves.

RODDY WILLIAMS: You said you've played together since you were eight years old. Have you won together, team matches or anything? What's the biggest thing you've won?

TIM CLARK: I long time ago we played a 36-hole foursomes event back in South Africa, like an estate, provincial thing we won. I think that was the only time we played a tournament otherwise it was always sort of match-play format, representing South Africa or whatever.

On this course, we worked it out where he would hit the tee shots on the longer holes and that pretty much eliminates the bunkers with his length. I have got the par 3s and it's really worked out perfectly. I think had I played on my own today, I certainly would not have shot that score. I'm hitting wedges into the hole. So it's made it a lot easier for us. I think our combination works perfectly on this course.

RODDY WILLIAMS: What state was it you were playing for?


Q. What is your plan for tomorrow, are you going to be aggressive and go for the pins or will you be conservative? Save it for Sunday?

TIM CLARK: Tomorrow I think you definitely have to be aggressive. The better ball format, you've got to shoot 10-under or else you're going to go backwards. It also allows you to play aggressively. More so today that you have to be a little more cautious.

But today the flags were easy, so you could go right at them. Tomorrow the pins will be a little harder. But with two shots at each hole you will be able to be a little more aggressive. We certainly won't be holing back tomorrow.

RORY SABBATINI: We both played very aggressively yesterday and today, and I'm sure we'll probably just continue it on tomorrow.

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