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August 25, 2012

Colin Montgomerie


Q.  69 to follow a 68, how do you feel about that?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  A lot of shots were left out on the golf course today, a lot of shots.  It was very disappointing not to shoot a lot lower than 69 today.  That was the best golf I've played in a number of years, actually, today.  I look forward to it; I was driving the ball well; I'm putting ball in the fairway.  I'm looking forward to playing again, which is great, I have three other events after this one and looking forward to it now.

Q.  What do you put this down to?  You missed three cuts coming in here?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  I'm relaxed.  I'm comfortable here.  I have home support here.  I know the course and staying at home, I suppose, we don't get that opportunity very often, any of us, to stay in our own beds in our own homes during a golf tournament.  I feel comfortable here, and I've always liked the golf course, I have, and I think the changes have been very, very well accepted by the Tour, and I think that they are a big difference to the course.  I enjoy it.
I've done okay here over the years, but this is okay.  So I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and I plan to do as well as possible.  If I can drive the ball well, my strength has always been iron play, always; if I can drive the ball well, I can use my strength, which is my irons to the greens, and let's hope I can hole a few more putts tomorrow than I did today.

Q.  José Maria is going to go into a room and decide the wild cards, and you did that two years ago.  What is the process?  How do you discuss who is in the mix and how do you decide?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  I had three vice captains with me, I had Darren Clarke, Paul McGinley and Thomas Björn in the PGA Scottish PGA headquarters all afternoon, and  Sergio García, my first vice captain, on the phone from Spain.  And by God, did we discuss what was going on.  We had scenarios swinging around the team and I asked for them all picks and they all sent back different answers.
It's one of these horrendous situations where I had about eight people and only three could play.¬† It's a very difficult decision not to pick your peers, people that you feel are great players, good champions and winners on the Tour, and it's very difficult to so‑called, leave them out.
It is an awful task, but if it's any captain, I suppose, then it's a difficult one.¬† But his job I think is a little easier than mine, you have to say, I don't¬† ‑‑ want to say anything or put words in anyone's mouth, but you've got to think now Colsaerts and Poulter, haven't you, really, and that's what I'm sure everyone is thinking.¬† And it would be no surprise if that's what he decides on Monday morning.
Harrington has a lot to do to win that golf tournament, and it looks like Nicolas Colsaerts and Ian Poulter, a lot easier decision than I had, and it gives him an experienced team; all apart from Colsaerts having had Ryder Cup experience, which is great.
I went in with five rookies and he's going in with one, really, and you need that in America.  Let's not beat around the bush here; this is going to be difficult.  This is going to be very difficult to play away from home in America, and we need experience there.  He's got 11 out of 12 that have been in The Ryder Cup before and that's I'm sure what he wants.

Q.  Were you the only one that had the three that you picked?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:¬† I haven't got the three that I picked myself‑‑

Q.  At that point?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  At that point.  Because Molinari had not finished with three birdies by then.

Q.  Are you here Monday morning?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  No, I'm in Holland doing a company day in Holland.

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