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August 24, 2012

Lorie Kane


Q.  I know it's difficult for you.  How do you end up so short?  Did you hit into trouble off the tee?  Is that what started the problems on 18?
LORIE KANE:  I'm having problems when I missed the tee shot in the bunker.  Didn't have a great lie, and played‑‑ we had 130, I think, to the pin with the uphill slope and the bunker.  I just decided to try to play to the front.  That's a very new part of the sod that's very easy to do when you have a wedge that doesn't have a lot of bounce that will dig and it dug.
That's not the way I wanted to finish, and I worked very hard today and grinded hard.  Unfortunately, I'm kind of feeling like (Indiscernible) right now, like I touched the line.

Q.  What was different about today's round versus yesterday?
LORIE KANE:  I just, you know, I think I played as well today as I did yesterday.  I don't think either round I had a whole lot of real good looks at birdies.  These greens are disappointing to me that they got slower.
I played Monday, I played Tuesday, and I played Wednesday, and yesterday and today they're considerably slower than they were.  I don't think that that's the way it should be.  I think we should play greens that are‑‑ if we practice Monday and Tuesday, they should be that fast the rest of the week.  So they slowed them down.
I understand why they slowed them down.  The front nine is very slopy.  But we had some rain.  I'm not looking for excuses but when you've worked hard on your putting it's tough to adjust.

Q.  You knew standing over that putt?
LORIE KANE:  No, you don't think those things.  I wanted to make a bogey.  I did not want to double the last hole.  I had a double early in the round.  I'm here to represent CN and raise some money for the Miracle Match.
We had great fans out today, and I thought that more people would come out the longer the Canadians stay in the field.  It looks like it could be 3, maybe it will move to 4.  I'm disappointed frustrated.  We had a very good family friend we lost yesterday, so it's been tough.

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