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August 24, 2012

Tiger Woods


Q.  First of all, is it knee, back?
TIGER WOODS:  It's lower back.

Q.  When did it happen?
TIGER WOODS:  This morning.  Must have slept funny on it.  Soft beds at the hotel, and woke up this morning with it stiff.  You know, as I warmed up, it got progressively worse, and then you saw what happened on the golf course.

Q.¬† Was it during your warmup or ‑‑
TIGER WOODS:  No, it hurt all day.  It hurt all day.

Q.  Did it flare as you were going into that bunker on 13?
TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, that didn't feel very good.  That didn't feel very good at all.

Q.  Was there any moment where you thought you might not be able tofinish the round?

Q.  How do you explain that you played well, and it looked like the hardest part of your day was getting the ball out of the hole.
TIGER WOODS:  Well, it was like a section of movement, so it didn't hurt standing up, it didn't hurt at the bottom of a squat, but it was the somewhere in between there it was going to catch.  You know, it would grab just before impact, so you'd kind of expect it, so I could get through that.  I've been through that kind of stuff before, so I know what it feels like.

Q.  Do you feel like you're right there going into tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS:¬† Yeah, I'm only three back right now, so I'm right there.¬† This is a very bunched leaderboard.¬† There are so many guys there.¬† I think, what, 70‑plus guys within nine shots as of right now.

Q.  Do you remind yourself of '08 at Torrey, that you know how to play like this?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, there's a difference between being in pain and injured.  This is just a little bit of pain.  That was an injury.

Q.  What do you do for treatment, chiropractic?  Take a hot shower?
TIGER WOODS:  We have a fitness van.  I'm going to go there as soon as I'm done with you guys.

Q.  How about the bed?  Will you get a different bed?
TIGER WOODS:  I'm probably going to sleep on the floor.  I do that in Europe all the time, so this is nothing new.

Q.  Is that a joke?
TIGER WOODS:  True.  True, not a joke.  Did that confuse you?

Q.  Yeah.
TIGER WOODS:  Good.  (Smiles.)

Q.  Do you feel like this is your new normal, that you're never going to have a stretch where you can get through six months or a whole year feeling 100 percent?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, geez, that's been the case since my first surgery in '94.

Q.¬† This isn't part of the‑‑
TIGER WOODS:  I've been dealing with this stuff since I was 18.  I had my first cut at Stanford in '94.

Q.  Does it get harder as you get older?
TIGER WOODS:  Well, it's harder to recover, there's no doubt.  There's no doubt.  But I'm infinitely stronger than I used to be and just as flexible as I used to be, which is very good.

Q.  Do you have any concern that you won't be able to get this taken care of?
TIGER WOODS:  No, I'm going to go there right now.  They're good at what they do, and I'll be ready by tomorrow.

Q.  Did the swing feel as good as it looked?
TIGER WOODS:  That's about all I've got.  I can't hit it any harder than that.  No, it didn't feel very good, but I got it around, and just because the swing didn't feel very good doesn't mean I can't make every putt.  I went out there with that kind of mindset and just buried a bunch of putts.

Q.  Which was the exchange with Zach after your putt on 16?
TIGER WOODS:¬† Well, we were‑‑ it's an inside joke, but we were jabbing at one another in the fairway.¬† It just continued.¬† (Smiles.)

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