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August 24, 2012

Chris Wood


CHRIS WOOD:¬† Yesterday I was pleased to get the ball around without playing my best and a reasonable score in the afternoon, 2‑under.
So today was one step forward, two steps back.  Gave myself chances but finding it pretty hard to hole putts on the greens.  I think few guys are struggling got to keep trying to hit good putts and hopefully one or two will drop over the weekend.  Felt like I played better today and gave myself a chance of getting right close to the leaders.

Q.  We have always said it bodes well when you are not playing at your best and you're still in there?
CHRIS WOOD:¬† Yeah, I've hit a lot of balls‑‑ actually my coach was up here on Tuesday and we hit about five buckets at the bottom on the range, trying to work away at it.¬† It's getting there but not quite as free‑wheeling as I have been for the last few months.

Q.  Are you surprised by that?  Because you come off this tremendous first victory for your career, and I know you said you were putting particularly well in Thailand, and the putts did drop for you?
CHRIS WOOD:¬† Yeah, a little bit, but I didn't do a lot last week.¬† I only had two or three days practise last week, which isn't very much for me.¬† I was pretty tired.¬† I think going to Asia for just the one week, it takes you five or six days to get over the jet‑lag and by the time you've done, that you're coming home and you've got to do it again when you get back to England.
So I was out of it for a few days last week, but I had a few things to do and never really got a chance to get over that.  So I think it's probably a little bit of fatigue, which isn't great going into a run of four tournaments.  But hopefully find it along the way.

Q.  Hugely satisfying to make that trip to Asia and get that victory?
CHRIS WOOD:  Definitely.  It's a really nice feeling knowing that I can do it and yeah, it's pretty hard to win.  It's pretty hard to win out opponent The European Tour.  But to get my first professional win is really, really pleasing.  I was really happy.

Q.¬† It's worth stressing how good a win it is, because it is a National Open for a country that is really progressing at golf.¬† You've beaten a lot of top‑class players involved, even though it might not have hit the radar in the same way as the other events that were taking place?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, it was completely under the radar.  But the Asian players, as we all know, are coming through quite strong.  And to go over there in those conditions and putting on grainy greens in the heat is obviously something we are not quite used to, especially in Scotland this week.  So yeah, it was really pleasing to go into their sort of backyard and beat them all.

Q.  Did you celebrate?
CHRIS WOOD:¬† Didn't really have time.¬† We had a few drinks on our way back to the hotel.¬† We had to fly back here at midnight that night.¬† And the last thing I wanted was a hangover on a 20‑hour journey.¬† So I had a few, but I had a few ciders when I got back to Bristol, as well.

Q.  Must have been a reception party waiting for you?
CHRIS WOOD:  Not really.  I'm not the type to be honest.  I'm quite happy to have a few drinks with my family and friends.  That's enough for me really.

Q.  I saw what you said after Thailand that you are hoping the win inspires another; the old cliché, the monkey is off the back, isn't it?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, definitely.  I always thought that once I had a bit of confidence to get my first win, wherever it was, that I would feel like I was progressing and taking a step forward and give myself a bit more of a high confidence level to take to my next events.  I definitely feel like, that even though I've not played my best this week, I'm only four behind.  So hopefully I can hang around a bit on the weekend.

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