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August 23, 2012

Thomas Bjorn


THOMAS BJÖRN:  I started well and a bit iffy in the middle there, but started blowing again in the middle.  A shame with the bogey on the last.  It's a start.

Q.  Is it down to sharpness?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  It's a bit the way it has been for a while.  It's just not‑‑ I don't‑‑ when I get going in the rounds, I just can't really take myself into a comfortable zone where I just keep going.  I'm hitting a few poor drives here and there and it just doesn't quite come off.  But it's a start, and you know, I'll go on the range this afternoon and figure something out and I'll go and give it a go tomorrow.
That's about as happy as I should be with a round today, shooting 2‑under.  The golf course is not playing easy.  It's playing quite long.  I should be happy with the score today and not so much with the way I played, but we'll work on it.

Q.  For a start, 2‑under is nicely in the mix, isn't it?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  The way I hit it today, you could very easily play your way out of it.  So it was a good score for the way it turned out.

Q.  And were you entirely concentrating on your game or were you looking at your playing partner?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Watching a little of both.  But when you're out on the golf course, you have to concentrate on playing your own game.  But, yeah, I see what he's doing and I can see what he's capable of.  I don't think it comes as a surprise.  I think we all know what Nicolas can do.  He needs to go and keep doing what he's doing at the moment and get a good week out of it.  But it was a good start for him today.

Q.  Absolutely.  Elaborate on that, given his position here, he's held his nerves nicely and coped with the situation.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  He's in good form and you can see that his confidence is high, even when he gets himself into trouble, he gets out of it decent, and that's the sign of somebody that has got all the things at the moment going in the right direction.
So I'm pleased with what I saw today.

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