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August 23, 2012

Richie Ramsay


RICHIE RAMSAY:   It's tricky out there.  There's a good breeze across the golf course, and it's obviously playing really long because the fairways are wet and the ball is not running.  But I played really solid today.  Ball‑striking was really good.  Struggled a little bit to start off but made a few nice saves on the back to keep it going.  Nice it play well and nice to play well on home soil.
I've had the last four weeks off in the States, and I was kind of‑‑ really disappointed with the way I played before I went to the States.  And I kind of spoke to a few people and put a plan together and I sort of said, you know, let's just start sort of not being lazy but let's put a structured plan in place.  Let's him the gym Monday, Wednesday, Friday, small sessions in between, focus on the weaknesses try to improve them.
And it's very simple.  You put a plan together and you just execute it.  It's fantastic when you put the hard work in and it comes off on a day like this when you're playing on home soil and obviously you want to play well.  It's nice to have that kind of hard work rewarded.

Q.  Is that easier said than done, though, to change the regime you've been used to?
RICHIE RAMSAY:  It is harder.  You've got to motivate yourself.  But I missed the PGA by about a spot, and I'm out in the States and I'm watching a bit of golf and you see these guys out there playing, and you think, I want to be out there with them and I want to beat them.  So sometimes there's no point in watching them on TV; you've got to get to the gym or you've got to get to the golf club and do a bit of practice.
It's just trying to step up.  I think I could be slightly guilt I of being a little bit lazy in places, and I'm quite hard on myself.  I like to be that way because I think that's the only way to improve.  I had a little chat with Rory at the BMW at Wentworth about what I've been doing with regards to the fitness and stuff.

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