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August 23, 2012

Lorie Kane


LORIE KANE:  I played some pretty good golf.  Couple of holes kind of got away on me.  I'm thinking that we misread that one putt on the par‑3.  Other than that, I think I played a reasonable round of golf.  I did have some chances coming home.  17 I thought was in when I hit it.
But overall, the first round, even par.  Mind I left a few out there.  So things were going my way.

Q.  You hit that tree?
LORIE KANE:  Yeah, on 16.

Q.  I think it was a Douglas Fir.
LORIE KANE:  Thank you very much.  Yeah, a Douglas Fir.  What is the difference?

Q.  A Douglas Fir is a really bumpy bark.
LORIE KANE:  Thank you.  Now I know.  Okay.

Q.  Even on a course that you're playing on a day like today, even is good?
LORIE KANE:  I think the first round you always want to get out and get a good start.  Not shoot yourself in the foot, so to speak.  Just try to get into the tournament.  I am going to sleep better being at even par than I would have been had I been bogey up.  The goal is to make birdie, but it's also to limit mistakes.  I made two bogeys in a row, which we've been trying not to do.  I thought I had a birdie on 17, like I said, and to birdie 18, one of the tougher holes on the course.

Q.  I saw you smiling a lot too day as well?
LORIE KANE:  Yeah, that mission was very successful.  I think that‑‑ I don't have to think, I know.  I'm very comfortable where I am.  I've learned when I come home to play in the CN Canadian Women's Open, I want to enjoy it and entertain and embrace the fans.
A little bit of rain today maybe kept a few people away, but, hopefully, tomorrow will continue to come and make some donations to that Miracle Match.

Q.  Does it help having the crowd behind you?
LORIE KANE:  Yeah.  It's an extra club in the bag, for sure.  They're very supportive of all the golfers, and I think that just comes with us being Canadian.  We're very appreciative.  Like I said, I hope we can get more people out to watch.

Q.  Words of wisdom?  I kind of missed that whole thing.
LORIE KANE:  Yeah, I have a little cheat sheet in my pocket that just kind of is nothing fancy.  The word today was just stay in the present and to enjoy myself.  That's kind of what I remind myself of.

Q.  Is that what it says?  Stay in the present?
LORIE KANE:  It says present.  That's all it says.

Q.  When you say that, you don't want to be ahead?
LORIE KANE:  No, I need to be right where I am and enjoy the moment.

Q.  On that idea, how much do you think you'll think about it tonight?
LORIE KANE:  Tonight's going to be fun.  Tonight I get to go the CN Miracle Match Gala.  Spend some time with Natasha, our spokesperson for the Miracle Match and the BC Children's Foundation.  I have a late tee time tomorrow, so I'm going to have some fun, do some practice.  Once I leave the golf course, it will be gone and I'll be excited for tomorrow.

Q.  So you felt like that helped today, the whole present thing?
LORIE KANE:  Oh, yeah, sure.  I think in golf you can get too far ahead of yourself.  It's the first round.  You want to make sure that you are very present and accountable for each shot you make.
Maybe on 11 and 12 when I made two bogeys back‑to‑back, I was maybe wandering a little bit.  But I bounced back, and got myself in check and finished strong.

Q.  Have you played with Michelle a lot?
LORIE KANE:  I played with Michelle quite a bit when she first came out on Tour.  It's been a while since I've played with Michelle.  She's a true talent.  I think there's only good things that can happen for Michelle now that she's graduated from Stanford and getting into more of a full routine of golf on a regular basis.
We need Michelle to play well because she is integral to our game.

Q.  You think you've had some good camaraderie out there?  Sometimes you put your head down.
LORIE KANE:  Yeah, I couldn't have asked for a better pairing.  Brittany Lang and her brother, Luke are great friends of mine.  Brittany had commented, she always loves coming to Canada and playing.  Knowing that, that's a nice feeling.
And Michelle was an added bonus because of the people that Michelle draws to the golf course.  I like watching her play.  She can hit some shots.

Q.  What about the ups and downs.  She's having a tough season, and your career has been up‑and‑down.  Today's a good day.  I don't know if there's an answer, really.  But wrestling yourself out of a slump?
LORIE KANE:  I think we need to be fair to Michelle.  Michelle came out on Tour at a very young age with a lot of expectations.  The expectations we have as professional golfers is higher than anybody can place on us.
So I think once she levels things out and decides what she wants to do and how she wants to handle things, you'll see really good golf from Michelle.  She's a good person.  Like I said, the LPGA needs Michelle to be playing well because she moves the needle.  If Tiger moves the needle on the men's side, Michelle moves it on this side.

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