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August 23, 2012

Moira Dunn


THE MODERATOR:  3‑under par, everybody has been talking about how difficult this golf course might play in different conditions.  But how was it out there for you today and what was working well?
MOIRA DUNN:  It wasn't too bad.  I didn't play the first 12 really well, but I got out of there with a par and made a putt.  Sometimes I think it's making those early putts just to build up your confidence a little bit.  And hit one really close on 4, and made a 15‑footer on 8.
So I kind of got going early, and I hit a lot of greens.  I hit some, gosh, I think I hit 17 greens today.  So I had one three‑putt.  That can happen.  It was after the rain, the greens had slowed down a little bit and I left myself 12 feet for par, so it was just kind of silly.  I think it can be.  I think this is going to help a little bit.  I think it might throw people off a little bit.
It softened it a little bit, and without the sun drying it out.  I think it's going to play not quite as difficult today.  We'll see what happens for the rest of the week.

Q.  How much of an advantage did that give you when you saw yourself going low early?  How much confidence did it give you going into the back nine?
MOIRA DUNN:  I was really happy with that.  I think especially on that front being on the right spot.  Giving yourself opportunities to be aggressive.  I mean, you can hit it 5‑feet and not have a great chance at a birdie because the greens are so sloped.  You're almost playing two totally different courses.  They're just so different.

Q.  How did you feel about your game coming into this week?
MOIRA DUNN:  It's really odd.  I've hit the ball really well since ‑‑ all season, really, I've hit the ball really well, and I haven't really scored.  I've had little spots here and there where I've putted well and I've scored.
I really didn't hit the ball well last week, but I kind of worked on things on the range, trying to figure out and trying to feel what was going on with my swing.  Starting to hit it better when I got up here.  This is a nice course.  It reminds me where I grew up, and it just kind of fits my eye.

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