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July 28, 2012

Kim Clijsters


6‑1, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Kim, please.

Q.  Kim, just wondering how you find the grass.
KIM CLIJSTERS:  Good.  I mean, I thought the courts, they look really good.  The only thing is I felt that I think the grass is breaking a little faster than during Wimbledon.  There's some chunks, bigger chunks, flying off very early on in the match, which is not the case during Wimbledon.
But then again, that's behind the baseline.  So it doesn't really ruin the court or it doesn't give you any more bad bounces unless you hit the ball out.  So that's okay.

Q.  When you started the comeback, you said the Olympics was one of your main targets.  Now that it's here, how has the experience been and how determined were you to really get through that first round knowing this was going to be your last?
KIM CLIJSTERS:  It's a great feeling knowing that I'm here, that I'm, you know, at the Olympics, because there were moments in the last year and a half where I definitely thought about retiring and not even, you know, get to the Olympics.
So I'm happy that I stuck with it and that I, you know, kept working hard.  So I'm happy that I was here and that I'm healthy and that I got to play a good match in the first round and that I'm here.
I still feel that whenever I step out on court and I feel good physically, if I play good tennis, I can beat a lot of good players out there.  With that attitude, I'll go until I play my last match.  That's a good attitude.  It's something that I need to have.
Knowing that this is my second to last tournament, it is special.  So many things are already different during the Olympics.  So, yeah, I'm happy that, you know, although I've been on tour for almost 15 years, that I am still reliving kind of these new situations, which is nice.

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