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August 12, 2012

Bubba Watson


Q. テつJust tell us a little bit about the course today, obviously the conditions a little bit fairer, but take us back through your round and how you were able to turn in a good score for the afternoon.
BUBBA WATSON:テつ The key today, it was a little bit lighter winds starting off.テつ You're coming out, it's Sunday, you're trying to press, trying to make some birdies.テつ But it's playable, even with this wind.テつ The back nine got a little bit tougher, but the front nine you could make some birdies, make some good putts without the wind gusting.
Back nine is more hang on.テつ It's really windy on the back nine, a couple of tough holes.テつ They've probably been tough all week.
But for me it was just about making a good score, trying to jump up the leaderboard.テつ I started off good and kept it going and then just hung on the back nine and made a birdie on the last hole.

Q.テつ What's your take on this course?テつ Is this someplace you'd be okay to come back down the road if it ever made the rotation for the PGA Championship?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ I think obviously you take what you learn from this, you learn from what they did, and they can improve on it or make it the same.テつ But obviously you've got one guy that's in double digits under par.テつ But other than that, everybody else is right around a couple under here or there, a couple over here and there.テつ I think it's a good test.テつ I think it's a fair test, and it shows that people were shooting under par.

Q.テつ Being locked into the Ryder Cup, just talk about what that means to you and the opportunity to play for the country.
BUBBA WATSON:テつ It means a lot.テつ Any time you can put the stars and stripes on your sleeve and play some golf, this is the closest I'll get to the military, so for me it's about representing our country and playing some golf and hopefully win it.テつ But all in all, just like the athletes in the Olympics, all you're trying to do is represent your country well and show people some exciting golf.

Q.テつ Wrapping up the major season, you had a big major season.テつ Was it difficult kind of wearing that mantle of a major winner, Masters champion the first couple weeks you got out there and back to golf?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ No, but the difficult thing getting back out there, I missed two cuts when I finally got back out.テつ Adjusting to having a child, a one‑month old, at the same time I won the Masters.テつ So you're adjusting to that, you're adjusting to being a parent, you're adjusting to his noises when he wakes you up.テつ You're adjusting to all that, and so for me it was just about learning, learning a new situation, also learning about being a Masters champion but also learning about being a father.テつ For me it was a learning experience just like the game of golf is, so you just try to get better.テつ Obviously I'm getting better, I'm getting used to the cycles and the routines, and my golf is starting to come back to where I want it to be.

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