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August 12, 2012

Angela Stanford


THE MODERATOR:テつ I'd like to welcome Angela Stanford into the interview room.テつ Thanks for coming in.テつ Quite a putt you made there on 18 to bring you to ‑13.テつ Can you just talk about today.
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ Well, I felt really good starting the day.テつ Really calm, and you kind of get the feeling on this course that you're going to have to go low, and I was obviously not low enough today.
But I just stayed really patient and really out of character for me today.テつ But I've been rolling the ball really well on the greens this week, so I just kept telling myself if I can just get as many opportunities as I can, I might have a shot.

Q.テつ Is it frustrating to you at all to look at the leaderboard and see So Yeon, I think she had five consecutive birdies there on the back?
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ Wow, really.テつ Well, when I looked at the leaderboard on 14 I think she was at ‑16 at that point.テつ I thought, she's obviously having a great day.
I've always said that is the tough thing about golf.テつ There is nothing you can do about people playing well.テつ You just have to play better, and I didn't today.テつ That's why it's so important to be near the lead going into the final day here, because anybody can take it deep.テつ On any given Sunday they can go low here.

Q.テつ We have two consecutive tournaments coming up.テつ Does this finish help your momentum going into those?
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ For sure.テつ This is only my third Top 10 for the year.テつ So as good as my year looks on the outside, it statistically really hasn't been.テつ So I felt like I did some really good things this week to get some momentum.

Q.テつ Is it heartening to throw up some birdies and go to 13 under?
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ Yeah, at that point when you see that somebody's running away with it, you continue to chase them, but then it's also I'd like to be second.テつ So if I can't catch her, I'd like to be second.
So, you know, as frustrating as it is not to win, there are still so many positive thing that's came out of this week for me.テつ So it's really hard to be that upset with my finish.

Q.テつ (Indiscernible)?
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ Not really, no.

Q.テつ You said it hasn't been a very good year on paper, but you won once.
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ Yeah, what's funny about that, the year before, I think I had nine or ten Top 10s, and I remember being at the end of the year and complaining about not winning.テつ Then I have these years that I'll win, and never finish in the Top 10 the other weeks.テつ So it's like which one do I want?
I'd like them mixed, because I've always taken a lot of pride in being consistent.テつ I think that is what bothered me the most about this year is I haven't been consistent.テつ I haven't given myself a chance to win on Sunday much.テつ As great as the win was, I'd like to be more consistent.

Q.テつ What do you think the reason is for you not being as consistent as you'd like?
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ I think any time you start‑‑ I mean, golfers are always fiddling with their swing, their putting strokes.テつ So many people have different opinions.テつ I think I was fiddling too much with my putting stroke, and that really jumped out to me on paper.テつ Because I looked at my stats after Evian, and one of my putting stats was the worst it's been in a long time, and I thought I'm going to go back to the way I putt.テつ I'm not going to listen to anybody else.テつ Obviously, it hadn't done that bad.
So just little things like that.テつ You're always trying to get better, but you have to be careful about going overboard.

Q.テつ Why is it that this tournament has been dominated by the Koreans?テつ Six of the top seven, top 5 tied.テつ Seven of the top 11, whatever.テつ When people come up to you and talk about the Koreans, why is that?テつ Why do they do so well on this Tour?
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ On the Tour or at this tournament?

Q.テつ Either way.
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ First off, it's a numbers game.テつ Somebody told me there are 40 Koreans entered this week, 43 on Tour.テつ I mean, that's the thing.テつ It's kind of like anything else.テつ It's the same way, if there were however many Americans playing in Korea.
If you had 43 Americans playing each week in Korea, there are going to be those weeks that the Americans are going to finish on the top.テつ It's hard for a player to answer this question, because I don't see them any different, so it's hard for the players to answer those kind of questions because to us our Tour has changed.テつ It's changed since I've been on Tour.テつ I feel very fortunate that I've seen it evolve.
This is my 12th year, and when I started, the majority were Americans, and we were playing 40 events and we were playing a lot domestically.テつ But change isn't always bad, and our Tour has evolved and it's changed.テつ Now we're a worldwide Tour.テつ We get to play in places all over the world, and I think that's positive.
Coming from small town Texas girl who doesn't like to leave the country, I mean, even I understand that the growth has been good.テつ It's hard because people say, oh, well, the Americans need to play better.テつ Well, if you look at our Solheim Cup, up until this last one we've been pretty dominant there.
I don't know.テつ I think it's a good question, because that means we're getting bigger and bigger.

Q.テつ Does it make you frustrated?テつ (Indiscernible).
ANGELA STANFORD:テつ That does bother me because I know how hard Paula Creamer works.テつ I know how hard Stacy Lewis works.テつ I know how hard Cristie Kerr works.テつ I could go down the line and name the top Americans, and it's not that they're working any‑‑ they're working just as hard.
Unfortunately, I think a lot of it is a culture thing from what I've seen.テつ It seems like a lot of the Asians are very serious.テつ You see them on Monday practicing, and Tuesday practicing and Wednesday.テつ Well, just because you don't see me at the golf tournament doesn't mean I'm not practicing or working out.テつ I practice better at home.テつ So if I don't show up until Wednesday night of a tournament, I'm getting some good work in at home.
I don't know.テつ That one does kind of hurt, just because we don't have the results, it doesn't mean we're not working.

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