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May 15, 2003

Martin Brodeur

Sergei Brylin

Scott Stevens


Q. Scott, how did you guys keep it together after the goal that didn't count in the first period? How did you regroup and put that behind you?

SCOTT STEVENS: I think we stayed focused and said there's nothing we can do about it now and just keep playing. You can't dwell on things. You just go out there and focus and get the job done and kill it. We just said let's move on and forget about it. There's nothing you can do about it now. Fortunately everything worked out and we won the game.

Q. You guys accomplished the first goal, getting the split up there and then winning coming home; what does that do for the team?

SERGEI BRYLIN: It's still early and we have Saturday, the goal was to come home with home an advantage by winning Ottawa one game. That's what we want to do the next game. Today we played well and are happy with the win but it's only two games to one.

Q. Getting that goal, these playoffs have been frustrating for you, how does it feel to get the goal?

SERGEI BRYLIN: It feels great. I had chances, and they didn't go in for me. I was just trying to stay positive and I knew that it was going to come. It was nice to get one.

Q. On that play, you got taken down; did you think there was going to be an penalty call or did you just keep going anyway?

SERGEI BRYLIN: I thought he kind of tripped me a little bit. He didn't pull anything so I just got up and went in front of him and Brian shot the puck perfectly.

Q. Obviously the Ottawa Senators are a tough team but you guys shut them down 1-0, the defense of your guys handling their business and once again Martin Brodeur doing what he does best; what does that tell you, holding them scoreless today?

SCOTT STEVENS: We took away the middle of the ice which is the most dangerous part. We did a good job of moving the puck out of our own zone. They were dumping and chasing a lot. We tried to get shots from the outside and let Marty see them. I think we did a better job tonight than the first two games in helping Marty out but he still had to make some big saves for us.

Q. Did this game start to resemble, appear to be as if it was going to be a 1-0 game early on?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, I thought it was going to be a 2-0 game but it didn't turn out that way. Yeah, it's nice to score first, there's no question. We came out pretty hard and had a good first. We got that goal and we didn't sit back -- we sat back a bit in the third but that's all right. I thought we kept going and forechecked well and created a lot of good opportunities.

Q. You had a couple hits on Hossa. I think the team had several hits on him; was it a team effort to step up or on the whole team tonight?

SCOTT STEVENS: I think you want to play physical when you can and without losing your position, giving up odd-man rushes. That's our goal: Keep them on the outside and finish them on the board when you can. I think we have done a better job tonight of slowing them down through the neutral zone and taking advantage when we can.

Q. You are clearly in the zone again, you've been there a number of times in the playoffs, in hindsight, the puck hits the corner of the glass and goes towards the net as you come out to play it, if that goes in -- ifs and buts, I suppose.

MARTIN BRODEUR: I guess so but I thought the puck was so soft in the corner that it was going to have to hit the glass and come down. That's a bad feeling -- I don't know if you saw my reaction. I was behind it and looking at it, I couldn't believe it didn't go in. Sometimes you need breaks like that to get yourself warm and wake up a little bit. These are kind of bad bounces.

Q. What was the toughest save you had to make and what did you think of the one where McKenzie got his stick on Havlat's shot and it went over?

MARTIN BRODEUR: I got both of them. I thought we played good and didn't need to make too many. They came in at in the third a little bit. Probably on Bonk, the glove save that I made, Hossa came in, tried to make a shot and we blocked it, went to Bonk, kind of shot pretty hard, and he hit my glove more than anything. It was a pretty big save, I guess.

Q. And the play McKenzie made?

MARTIN BRODEUR: That's part of hockey, it's about committing yourself and definitely it was a great play from him to come down and help out defensively like that.

Q. Scott, you talked about getting the first goal and maybe being able to sit back in the third; are you surprised at how getting that early lead has stood up almost throughout the whole post-season?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, against that club, yeah, very surprised. I thought Lalime played pretty well, too, made some big saves. We had opportunities to go up 2-0, 3-0 but he made some huge saves and then we closed the door and played well defensively going into the third. We're surprised at this stage, the quality of team we are playing, that there is not a lot more scoring, but it's nice to keep him off the board.

Q. Can you talk about the intensity, you have a one-goal game and from early on it looked like it might only be that one goal; can you talk about keeping your focus and intensity, knowing that one goal could be it?

MARTIN BRODEUR: We are used to tight games so it doesn't matter if it's 1-0 or 2-1 or whatever. It's important that you stay focused. I didn't get much work in the first two periods but knowing the Senators and how well they play offensively, with their speed, they got some confidence early. They took some long shots off me and got some momentum off them. It was important to say focused, as a team, also. But we did a great job killing penalties all night. Did a great job playing in our own zone and recovering from rebounds that I was giving up. It was awesome.

Q. Just how satisfying, Marty, to reiterate, on that, was shutting down such a powerful offense like Ottawa?

MARTIN BRODEUR: Well, it's important. I think we've got to show them that, you know, we are going to be able to play with them. Definitely it's hard. They are a skilled team and we can't be too excited about what we just accomplished today. It's just a game. You win it 2-0 or 1-0, you just go up one game so it doesn't matter. Definitely, these guys will go back and try to find ways to try to get to us in ways that may be changing lines or doing different things so we are going to have to adjust to their game a little bit in Game 4. But we are happy, we'll enjoy this one and we'll go back and see if we can get better.

Q. Do you feel like you've taken control of the series now?

MARTIN BRODEUR: Well, it's kind of hard. I think this team has been through a lot of adversity the last few years and they always come through and play well. We definitely are happy about the situation that we are in, our big thing was splitting in Ottawa and we are supposed to win our two games here. Their job is to win one game in this building so they have another crack at it like we had.

Q. Have you ever seen anything like what happened with the goal that wasn't allowed?

MARTIN BRODEUR: Well, I never really lived it but I saw it on TV with Buffalo and Philly one year, I think that puck went on the outside of net and went in, they counted it as a goal, and with Smehlik, he was part of that game. It's definitely amazing that it happens, it's amazing it didn't affect the outcome of the game. If it had been different I think people would be a lot more upset than they are right now.

Q. From your vantage point, do you see the Ottawa Senators breaking down at this point?

MARTIN BRODEUR: No. They were in the game. They played pretty solid. They gave us a few chances. Lalime played awesome again. They had chances on the power play. We played them well. It's a tough series. We expect it to be a long series. We are up 2-1. I don't think they came all this way to say, let's forget about this. They are going to try hard to get to us and we expect these guys to bounce back as hard as they can.

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