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August 12, 2012

Peter Hanson


Q. テつHow did you feel about having to come back out this morning and having to finish your third round?
PETER HANSON:テつ It was nice.テつ Of course it was great conditions this morning, so trying to take advantage of that.テつ I mean, I gave myself a few chances but didn't really convert on the good ones I had.テつ But still pretty happy about my game, so feeling good.

Q.テつ What is the plan between now and the start of the fourth round?
PETER HANSON:テつ Yeah, I'm going to go back and get some rest now for an hour and then come back and do the normal warm‑up again.テつ I'll just try to rush back as quick as I can, and yes, maybe get an hour of rest.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the birdie on 16?
PETER HANSON:テつ Yeah, it was a good drive, unfortunately it just stayed on top, so it probably left me about 265, so a little bit longer than I thought.テつ But tried to cut a 3‑wood in there and ended up in the left bunker kind of short‑siding myself a bit, but hit a pretty about bunker shot up to about 10 feet and rolled the putt in.

Q.テつ How different was the course playing this morning?
PETER HANSON:テつ I mean, it's nice.テつ It's playing soft, and we've not got much wind.テつ The course is there to be had.テつ I mean, if you take advantage of it, you're going to give yourself quite a few chances compared to the last couple days where it was really hard to get close to the pin.テつ But I think‑‑ if it stays like it is now, there's going to be some really low scores.

Q.テつ All‑out attack this afternoon?
PETER HANSON:テつ Yeah, we'll see what happens, how far behind I am.テつ If you're four, five, six behind and there's quite a few guys in between, it's kind of hard to push it and try to force like a 63 or whatever.テつ I think game plan wise, similar.テつ I don't think there's too many different ways to play it be it being so soft.テつ I think everybody is going to be playing pretty aggressive no matter what.

Q.テつ Is it going to be a bit of a chipping and putting competition?
PETER HANSON:テつ It is, it is.テつ If the wind stays down like it is now, we can control it pretty good, and you're going to leave yourself loads of chances.

Q.テつ Are you excited?
PETER HANSON:テつ Yeah, I'm excited to be back.テつ Like I said, it's been a bit of a slow summer, so it's just nice to be back and feeling a little bit more in control of your game, and when the ball is coming out on pretty much the line you want, you get a bit more excited.

Q.テつ Obviously it's a great time of the year to come back into form.
PETER HANSON:テつ It is, it is.テつ I was getting a bit worried obviously with not being in form and still doing good on the Ryder Cup list, you don't want to get to Ryder Cup and be playing the way I've been doing for the last six to eight weeks.テつ It's nice to see‑‑ if you want to go, you want to have a good chance of beating these guys.
It's probably‑‑ it's one of those players that if you go over, all they talked about, Lee, he went to Celtic where he wasn't playing well, and you don't have a great chance of finding your game once you're there, so you'd better come prepared, and I've got another six weeks to try to prepare hard and be physically ready and golf ready and mentally ready, because it's going to take it.テつ These guys are going to be tough to beat.

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