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August 11, 2012

Bo Van Pelt


BO VAN PELT:テつ Obviously pleased.テつ Five birdies, no bogeys, only missed one green, I think, one green I was on the fringe.テつ I must have hit 16 or 17 greens out there, and I was obviously excited.テつ I felt like I left a couple out there on the back nine.テつ I was in good position, but all in all, really pleased.

Q.テつ Getting your round in before the weather, how much does it help not having to cool down and play again?
BO VAN PELT:テつ Well, you never know what the weather will be like when they go back out.テつ So they might get the good end of it or the bad end of it.
To me, just glad to get done, to just be putting there on the last green.テつ So it's nice to just be done for the day and get to go home and relax.

Q.テつ Are you a scoreboard watcher, or do you go home and not concentrate on this tournament, you did what you could do?
BO VAN PELT:テつ I did what I could do, and I'm sure before I go to bed tonight I'll know kind of where I stand going into tomorrow and see what happens.

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